When Did Election Campaign Parades Cease Rolling Giant Balls?

During the 1840s, campaign parades would feature a huge ball, which was covered with campaign slogans. This practice was the origin of the expression “get the ball rolling”. When did the practice finally die out? Could it be revived?

Err, cite?

Prolly not.


According to your cite it was done only twice-definitely not a regular occurrence. Also, your cite doesn’t make the claim that it was the origin of the phrase “get the ball rolling”.

And in just a little bit of looking through that book that botsgotme cites, I found a number of errors, so it’s not a reliable source.

I imagine that the Trump campaign would argue that it has been rolling giant balls all year long.

How would this ball get around? Because we put up with a lot in swing states but a giant ball being rolled down the road at 2 MPH might be too much.

Do we get to strap the candidates to the balls first?

If so, this is one tradition that *deserves *to be started up again.

edit: or maybe we could talk Paris into lending us theirs.

Benjamin Harrison only had one ball.

You know who else only had one ball?

Stuff like that is done in India. mimmicking the juggernaught in a less substantial , and hence less dangerous, setup.