When did I lose charter member status?

Or did that go away when the custom titles were introduced? I’ll be honest I wasn’t really paying attention. :slight_smile:

My guess would be “at some time when you didn’t renew your membership in a timely manner.”

And no, custom titles and charter membership status aren’t mutually exclusive.

Straight Dope Board Charter Membership 03-24-2004 to 09-17-2009

It’s been a while. Sorry.

If I recall correctly, there was a grace period recently when lapsed charter members could regain their status, but it was for a limited time, and I believe it has now expired.

How did the Charter Member status expire at such an odd time of the year? I know there’s been the occasional “couple of days” extension but this looks like nearly 6 months.

Seconded. I thought all Charter Memberships expire on the same date, which is now 20/5…? (5/20 if you’re American)

I seem to recall some problems with my renewal some time ago. Perhaps that is the reason for the odd expiration date?