When did saying "presser" become current?

I’ve noticed it a lot lately. “During his presser, Paul Ryan said…”

Has that been a thing for very long?

Sounds like a British-ism, to me.

Nope, never heard it.

Pressor has been around in medicine for years. It refers to a group of drugs that raises your blood pressure.

The definition of “presser” being a press conference was posted on Urban Dictionary in 2008.

Dunno if that helps any.


Never heard it here.

Google that phrase and it only links to this thread.

I’m an American and have heard it plenty to refer to press conferences. The term isn’t unfamiliar.

I’m unable to contribute to the term’s history - I’m just saying you aren’t crazy.

Did you try news? I was on the google news page and searched it, and there are lots of entries.

All I can say is that I’ve heard the term for quite a few years. Not sure when it started though.

I wonder if it is a news industry term that has moved from media jargon into the mainstream because journos online (twitter, basically) often use their own terms, and it’s now used in the published stuff?

I consume a decent amount of mainstream news and publications. And precisely zero tweets or Facebook.

The term it totally new to me as of this thread. I’m going to bet that Baron Greenback nailed it. Insider jargon getting popularized via social media.

It’s news industry jargon. Like a lot of jargon, the internet has made it more visible.

A similar term in the industry is “breaker” for “breaking news item.”

But none of the news headlines I linked are social media. News articles get posted to social media, but that’s not where I’ve been seeing it the most. It’s been appearing in regular news media headlines.

You’re seeing it after the press has decided to stop treating as insider jargon. The cycle is already complete.