When did the Coast Guard become integrated?

When did they start inducting African-Americans and others? Was it earlier or later than the other services?
I should have joined…ah well…

Found this - http://www.uscg.mil/history/articles/Carlton_Skinner.asp

Thank you-a pity it’s not better known.

I remember hearing that the USCG was the first service to integrate.

not directly an answer to the OP, but I was just talking to a CG Academy grad yesterday about this subject. The academy first started making a concerted effort (all this is hearsay so don’t quote me) to recruit African-Americans after the inauguration of John Kennedy. I am sure the Academy was open to all before then-but the entire Academy class parades in the inauguration of the President. And Kennedy noticed that there were no African-Americans in the class. Orders were soon issued. And recently reissued. Turns out if you are an African-American with the grades ability and desire to go to a military academy, there some more enticing choices that are very interested in talking to you. The CG Academy has to work hard in recruiting. Well, all the best schools compete for the best students. The CG is simply the smallest one in the pool.