When did we last have a Steppenwolf appreciation thread?

I got that!

As a member of The Magic Theatre Group, 1970-present, I present to you an awkward trailer

Steppenwolf - - Accepting the Shadow.

“Modern man, personified by Harry Haller, must learn to recognize his shadow, his dark side, and accept it as his brother, integrate and assimilate it into himself.
The characters of… the Magic Theater are all means that Hermann Hesse employs in Steppenwolf to bring this message home to Harry. He must forsake his one-sidedness and abandon his sterile seclusion from the simple pleasures of everyday life.”

Bumping the thread to share the news of John Kay and Steppenwolf’s final concert this weekend.

Good on ya, John…enjoy your retirement!


Current members (per Wikipedia)

John Kay – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica (1967–1972, 1974–1976, 1980–present)
Michael Wilk – keyboards, backing vocals (1982–present), bass (1984–2009)
Gary Link – bass, backing vocals (1982–1984, 2009–present)
Ron Hurst – drums, backing vocals (1984–present)
Danny Johnson – lead guitar, backing vocals, mandolin (1996–present)

Quite so, it’s pretty presumptuous for the OP to assume everyone thinks he is referring to the rock band and not Herman Hesse’s psychoanalytical novel. :wink:

Right you are. The song that originated the term ‘Heavy Metal’. Howard Lease, the lead guitarist and synth player for Heart acquired the guitar used to write and perform that Steppenwolf song early in his career, likewise using it to create many legendary rock tunes. I had the opportunity to ask him about the famous Fender Telecaster before a Rock Vault show once in Vegas and he said it was in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Currently, I have no idea if it’s still there or if he has it back.