When did we last have a Steppenwolf appreciation thread?


Magic Carpet Ride

Today, I have good news und I have bad news…Earsplittenloudenboomer

Don’t Step On The Grass, Sam



Born To Be Wild (of course)



John Kay interview.

The Pusher

I have seen live performances that seemingly crush everything beneath the awesome weight of this song.

Is this thread for ladies only?

For Darkseid. :wink:

Rock Me

(Preferably to be listened to on 8-track while driving across sagebrush country.)

Think about it baby, Who Needs Ya

Forgot (alcohol related) I started this thread! Been working a lot so haven’t got a chance to listen to all the links yet. I will though. Thanks!

I didn’t recognize it by title but definitely remember that one!

Snowflux. I remember buying this album as my second Steppenwolf album after Live.

Not bad but not in the top tier of their stuff. Just MHO.