When did you become Straight Dope material?

So, I’m still relatively new here; I’ve only been posting actively for about a month. And despite the fact that every single person here has been very, very cool, and that I’ve enjoyed the discussions immensely in these threads, I still find myself intimidated at times. I’m constantly double- and triple-checking what I’m about to post, and I still wind up not being happy with half of what I’ve had to say.

I’m curious to know if others of you had insecurity issues when you first joined the SD masses, and if so, how long did it take you to get over it?

Also, what suggestions might you veterans have to get me to relax around here? :slight_smile:

The SD was my first message board (before that I was a chat room Junkie) so I was never really intimidated here. I dived right in and pushed the boundaries of jerkishness… it took time to turn me into the doper I am today :wink:

I think it was predestined when the first book I ever wanted to buy was an Encyclopedia of Science and Technology.

When did I become Straight Dope material? I’m not Straight Dope material. I am a politically conservative Christian, so I’m out of my element in this group. However, I enjoy the company of a wide range of intelligent people, so here I am.

I had already gotten out most of my newbie behaviors on another message board by the time I found the SDMB. You should all be very thankful for that.

I’ve been here for a couple years and it’s evident from my post count that I’m still a bit intimidated. I read the board every day, but I don’t post very much.

I guess I was a little bit insecure at first, but to be honest it was a long time ago, so I don’t particularly remember.

Post drunk. Everything you want to post sober will seem so much more reasonable by comparison.

Don’t actually do that. It’s a joke

I probably post about 3 times for every time that I have anything worthwhile to say, but that doesn’t intimidate me. Of course, fear only comes from the knowledge of how vulnerable you are, and if it’s one thing I like to lack, it’s knowledge!

He’s kidding about that right?

You’ve got a lot on most of us right there.


I’ll let you know.

This may not be everyone’s experience but I think it’s the case more often than not:


  1. Come in with preconceived and often incorrect notions
  2. Display your ignorance
  3. Get called on it
  4. Defend yourself to your best ability but know when you’re beaten
  5. Realize, much have you to learn to become doper

a) Slink off with a bruised ego no smarter than when you came
b) Stick around, listen, learn, grow, become a doper, bring pie :slight_smile:

I’m still not over it. I write tons of replies to threads, but almost always decide that what I have written is way too long and doesn’t really say anything so I hit back on the browser and go on reading new threads and doing the same thing again. Usually if I post several times to different threads around the same time I’m not completely sober… so, that is one trick to relaxing… not a good one, but nonetheless…

In GQ and GD, I don’t even bother with the writing a post and not sending it. I just accept that I will have very little to add, or at least nothing that I would feel comfortable trying to defend.

I have lots of questions that I would like to start threads on, but am too shy and just hope that one day someone else will do it for me.

Loads. This is quite an intelligent group of misfits here, and incredibly funny to boot. It’s a little intimidating.

Given that I’ve just started posting regularly in the last year or so and I joined in '99, quite a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just post. Post intelligent remarks. Post questions. Post good jokes. Post bad jokes. Just post.

And please try not to take anything that anyone posts too seriously.

You could also try horse tranquilizers.

Oh, almost forgot. Great Debates is easy. Ask loads of questions. Treat every cite with respect and read them. When in doubt, say something in latin (the GD chicks dig it). :smiley:

Never cross a mod. They bite, and we’re not sure if they’ve had all of their shots yet.

No, Do.
When you become SD material you can get <hic> away with it.

You’re all fantastic. No one has yelled at me yet for anything I’ve posted. I haven’t tried alcohol yet, but that’s next on my list.

Unfortunately, my favorite drink is a Shirley Temple. I wonder if that’s been my problem all along…

Hello everyone. My name is *Anaamika ** and I am a Chatty Cathy.

Yeah, I post a lot. I joined in 2001, but was mouse-quiet until July of - last year, was it? Two years? I can’t even remember. Anyway, I can’t remember what prompted my joining, but part of it was certain people.

I love it here. Some may be surprised, but I do hold back a lot of things I want to say. I chat the most in MPSIMS, because it’s meant for that!

I’ve made at least 20 new e-mail friends because of these boards. One of them I’ve met in person (hi taxi78cab!) and some I’ve talked to on the phone or IMed.

So…I don’t think it’s as intimidating as it can seem. Anyway, welcome, Asimovian, even if you’re not technically new, and it’s good to have you.

*Ok, yes, I’m not old enough to technically know what a Chatty Cathy doll is. But I saw Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

Shirley Temple was a mean drunk.

I guess I became Straight Dope material at the exact moment when I realized that the world didn’t revolve around me and that it was filled with millions of people who knew more than I could possibly learn.

That was when I was twenty-five. I didn’t actually register…sorry, subscribe…until I turned 30.

I take it the drinking and the child-stardom were not simultaneous.
What’s the pool one Miss Fanning being a loser drug addict in five years?

I discovered the Straight Dope about 1985, shortly after the first book came out. I discovered the website in 1999 and lurked for about 6 months before signing up, thereby missing out on being an official “99’er”. But if I’d signed up sooner, I probably wouldn’t have picked the posting name that I later did, so it balances out.

I asked a few questions first, including a few stupid ones, but started posting to threads in my area of expertise, so never felt particularly bashful or intimidated.