When does Napster go to subscription?

When does that deal between Napster and BMG go into effect? Just wonderin’ . . .

I’m kinda curious myself, as I have heard rumors that it was supposed to be at the beginning of January. Obviously (since I just downloaded a song tonight) that it is not the case. Usually when I log on to Napster, I check their home page/info Q/A page on the Napster/Bertelsmann deal, but there never seems to be any updated info.

On a related side note, does anyone know if Bertelsmann (BMG)/Napster plans on offering a subscription service based on anything downloadable from Napster or just items in the BMG catalog that would be subject to the subscription fee?

I admit that I have not done too much research on the matter myself (and I will, since the OP brought it to my attention again), but I would like to hear any relevant information regarding it from the Dopers too.


Try this:


Say it isn’t so!

Lol, pay for music on the net… Ha.

I heard it was July 2001, but I can’t find the source website. I’d like to believe it was a reliable source.