When does this movie start playing in Canada?

I’m a big David Mamet buff and was looking forward to seeing his new flick, Edmond, this weekend here in Canada. IMDB promised the movie is out this weekend in the states but no info is available for these parts. So can anyone point me in the right direction as to finding out if/when the movie is coming out here? 99 % of the time movies are released simultaniously. Oh and for anyone unfamiliar with David Mamet, he’s a brilliant playwright who also makes some terrific movies (Spanish Prisoner is his best, most recently he’s been making a tv show ‘The Unit’ and before that, Spartan w/ Val Kilmer).

This seems like a highly factual question, albeit movie-based, so i’m not sure if my thread belongs in Cafe Society. Feel free to move it if thats the case…

It’s only being released in New York this weekend; it will be released in “Chicago and elsewhere” on the 28th. This is according to the distributor’s website.

wow, good work, thank you!

perhaps i’ll use this time in between to reread the play…or fly to nyc.