When games malfunction... In a GOOD way.

I remember playing Syndicate Wars years ago with a good friend (with two controllers you could be two people on the same screen… If one person went off the screen there was a button for deciding which character was onscreen) This is a game from when the makers put more emphasis on gameplay over how ‘impressive’ the game looked than today… despite that the game still looked… If you’ll pardon my french… fucking impressive!

Anyway, there was a weapon in the game which was a futuristic sniper rifle. It had one MAJOR drawback which was a LOOOONG delay between fires (It had to recharge or something)

But there was a short period in the game where the delay was non-existent. It made a very difficult bit of the game much easier.

So post your examples of when a game glitches in a good way.

Closing statement: Some of the best fun I’ve ever had is on multi-player games where the other players were in the room with you - Syndicate wars, worms, hogs of war, LAN heretic. I miss those times.