when giving a phone number, do you give the area code first or last?

I just noticed that most people here give the phone number first, then the area code. Like 555-7934 (pause) 917.

Is this common or a regionalism?

Thats really weird, why would you not give your number in exactly the same way you have to dial it? Unless you dial the area code last there it makes no sense to me.

I have never heard of anyone doing that. If someone gave their number to me like that, they would get a “huh?”

I’ve never heard of this either. Around here, we might say “area code” before the area code (" my number is ‘area code 555, 555, 5555’ "), but since most of the province has gone to ten-digit dialling where area codes are mandatory, people just start off with the area code when giving the number. There are a few people who don’t say the area code, and then we have to ask which one it is.

I always rattle off the area code followed by the number. I do it without even thinking, even when I am telling someone local. I occasionally hear a slight exasperation from some merchants who get told the 732 portion all day for no reason.

As someone who lives in your general area (NY instead of NJ), I have almost never heard someone do this, especially with respect to a 917 area code number, which is immediately recognized as a NYC-based cell phone.

The only context I’ve heard this before is from people long used to 7-digit dialing who basically never leave the neighborhood: businesses who only deal with a very local clientele, and are very used to giving their number that way to other locals. NYC has been ten-digit based for quite a long time, but some people do give out a business phone number assuming a 718 area code out of habit, such as the local pizza place or on-call plumber, and then (if asked) go on to specify “yes, that’s 718”.

I’ve never heard someone give out their home or cell phone number like that though. Too many new 646 numbers in NYC these days, even for cell phones.

Well, I would say possibly its because for a very long time there was only one area code, so people habitually did not state the area code when talking with someone in that same locality. Now with cell phones, area codes are all over the map.

So I can see giving a local landline phone number to my grandma, who lives on my block, as 555-1212… 718 (because I would think of the area code as an afterthought-- she would assume it even if I didn’t say it). While when I give my cell phone I would always start with the area code.

If you live in an area where all phones are the same area code, there’s no point in giving it first or last.

Heck, I live in an area where until recently, all phone numbers had the same prefix (first 3 digits), so all we handed out was the last 4 and everybody knew what we meant. (Not many years before that, all we had to do was DIAL the last 5!).

But the times they are a-changing. Now if I’m talking to anyone who is not a born & bred local, I always give the entire 10 digit number, area code first. It may take longer, but it avoids ambiguity.

And in some areas of the country, you have to dial all 10 digits for all calls anyway, so it would be unwise to give out any number without all 10, and you might as well put them in the correct order.

I think that’s an afterthought. The giver outer expects the recipient to know the area code already, then thinks later that he better specify or confirm. I sometimes do that, but I’d say, “555-7934…uh, that’s in the 619 area.”

I give it first, pretty sure I always have.

I always give the area code first, since I am on the state border and it could go either way.

That’s bizarre.

Related, in my hometown everyone had the same area code and when giving a phone number locally you could pretty much assume that and just give the 7 digit number. Here there are tons of area codes and so many people with cell phones from other area codes still that even locally you can’t assume anything, and I always give the 10 digit number.

It common to give the area code first. I only hear it last when people giving a phone number are told they didn’t give it.

I usually only give out the area code if asked. It’s kind of assumed, unless I’m talking to my cell company.

I give the area code primarily because of 10-digit dialing in Montreal (all of Québec now, I think) but also because the first three numbers only have one number different from the area code, and people try and correct me, thinking that I misspoke.

My entire state has the same area code, but most people give it first, unless they forget to give it altogether.

I’ve lived in areas with lots of them so always give out mine, and I’ve never heard of giving it at the end.

Area code first-around here, even if you’re calling next door, you have to dial the area code as well.

If necessary, I give the area code first (2 digits in Australia). Then the number (8 digits in Australia). If it’s a number within my area code then I don’t usually state the area code.

I’m assuming that if you’re giving someone your phone number, they’re either writing it down or keying it into their computer or whatever. Why wouldn’t you give it to them in the order they would write it, which is the order they would dial if calling you?

I’ve never ever heard a phone number give in that order. It’s always been (area code) number.