When I tell you to think of the host of Card Sharks, who comes to mind first for you?

Once again, just curious.

Edit: It was Eubanks, not Woolery, stupid me. I’ve changed it.

Jim Perry. I forgot his name, but I Googled his name and that’s the guy I remember.

I voted Eubanks. I am aware there were others but I used to work for The Newlywed Game, so he was the one who came to mind.

The first person who came to my mind when I saw the question (but before I saw the actual poll) was Bert Convy. (I used to watch a lot of game shows when I was a kid and I guess some sortof run together LOL).

But seeing the poll choices, it was Jim Perry I was watching, no doubt.


No one in particular, but out of that list I would have picked Eubanks.

No one,

But I do remember it had a really kickass theme song!

Bob Eubanks is the only one I remember. No idea who Jim Perry or Bill Raffery are.

I haven’t heard of ‘Card Sharks’ and I haven’t heard of any of the people you list.

I think the theme had been previously used for the short-lived Double Dare hosted by Alex Trebek. I saw Double Dare a few months ago and wondered to myself where I had heard some of the effects before. I think Price Is Right used some also.

The only version I ever saw was Bobby.

I’ve only ever seen Card Sharks hosted by Jim Perry. I wasn’t even aware that Bob Eubanks hosted anything other than the Newlywed Game.

Did the Eubanks version have a theme song? I don’t recall any sort of theme song myself.

The theme song for the Jim Perry version was recycled from Goodson-Todman’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dagxsU4mMxQ “Double Dare.” When the program was revived, Eubanks hosted the network version, while Rafferty hosted the syndicated version. This was that version’s theme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZUl-VTSdZw

blank stare

I flashed to The Joker’s Wild and Jack Barry…nm.

Eubanks. :slight_smile:

To be honest, none of them are the first person I think of. I had a major crush on one of the dealers.

Wow, so Double Dare not only had its theme recycled, but also its name?

That must’ve been one forgettable game show.

FTR, the first one was the one I was referring to.

I liked it (GSN used to air it on occasion, although something like half of the episodes from the middle of its run are missing; since it was Goodson-Todman, Buzzr might have rights to it now), although there were a couple of things with it that turned viewers off; the contestants were inside of soundproof booths that were “sealed off” (including the window in the front, so the contestant couldn’t see the next clue in advance) when a contestant buzzed in, and the end game featured “The Spoilers”, who were three Ph.Ds (different each week) that tended to come off as being too cocky.

Trivia: the show’s associate producer was Markie Post, before she switched to acting.