When is it OK to Steech an Amazon Package?

Just got a couple Amazon packages delivered today and I’m now 100% sure that’s an Amazon label there. Mine has that identical “Cycle 1” tag and that line of address codes on the bottom, although the terminating one on mine is “PDX” for Portland OR. Looks like you got yourself a free crockpot there!

Heard back from the intended recipient, and Amazon sent them another one, so now I’m stuck with this thing.

I tried to contact Amazon, but they require an Amazon account even to talk to them on the phone. They need to send a verification code to a number paired with your account. Same with live chat, you have to login to your account to even get to the right page.

I’m not creating an Amazon account just because one of their delivery service partners (not employees) left something in my yard.

So, if somebody leaves something in your yard, and then refuses to speak with you about it, is it yours? It is certainly your problem.

If somebody abandons their car in my driveway, it does not become my car. If somebody throws a free newspaper in my driveway, it does become mine. Where is the line?

Are you anywhere near a Goodwill, an ARC, a Salvation Army, or other thrift store that may be happy to receive a New In Box slow cooker to resell ?

Got a family member to whom you could gift it this season ?

Wherever that line is … IMHO … you’re on the safe side of it at this point.

My plan was to “accidentally” break my in-laws slow cooker, and then I would have their Christmas present all sorted out!

I may keep this one and donate my perfectly functional 15 year old one, or possibly donate this one. Nothing will end up in the dumpster (unlike if I just drop it off at a Whole Foods).

Hard to say where the line is exactly, but I agree you’re on the “newspaper” side of it given what you’ve told us.

A word of caution unrelated to the primary topic: sometimes new appliances aren’t as good as the old ones. Don’t get rid of your trusty old Crock Pot until you’re sure you like the new one.