When is Michael Crichton's "Prey" going to come out as a film?

I read the book when it first came out (though i’m not as big a fan of his as I used to be) and i heard rumors that movie rights had already been purchased. I usually can afford to blow $10 on a 2 hour escape from reality, so when is this going to come out as a movie? anyone heard?


No idea. I haven’t seen anything about it on The IMDB or Greg’s Previews. I’m sure it will be made into a movie (seeing as how it seemed to be blatantly written that way, just like Timeline), but it probably won’t start production for a couple years or so.

Think it’ll have any CGI? :smiley:

You mean they can’t use real nanobotical cameras, like in the book?

I know its not a word. Now it is! :wink:

Any CGI?!!

Is water wet? Is the Pope Polish? :slight_smile:

Holy crap. wrong text size!

“Do’h! I said the loud part soft and the soft part loud!”

If we’re lucky.

Crichtomn has occasionally been good in he past, but he usually turns out stuff like this. I picked up a copy cheap and read it recently. Despite all his research and the stack of references in the back, this isn’t extrapolation, it’s fantasy. And not very convincing at that.

Here is a Slate Article that neatly sums up my feelings about some of Chrichton’s work. I used to be a nut for his stuff too. Had a lot to do with me being in 7th Grade when Jurassic Park came out. So consequently I consumed every book he has written, even those under psuedonyms (sic).