When is murder legal? When your name is Terri Schiavo


What the hell are these people thinking?? The woman is not a vegetable, she is not on life support, yet they want to let her starve to death??

Why is there even a choice in the matter? Aren’t doctors bound to keep people alive?


The husband should be shot.

What the fuck is wrong with this pig.

It’s pretty obvious that once Terri had outlived her usefulness, she was cast aside.

God, why are there men like this?

The case positively screams, “CONFLICT OF INTEREST!” The husband’s conservatorship should be terminated immediately and proceedings begun to eliminate his oversight of Terri’s estate.

Why are there men like this? Because there are women stupid enough to marry them, like the chick who’s going to marry this guy as soon as he kills his current wife. :frowning:

I can’t believe that a court would award money for treatment and then not require that the money be spent for treatment. So, you get money for treatment, then discontinue treatment, let her die and keep the money???

Before y’all go off the deep end, you might want to visit this thread over in Great Debates. It may not be quite as clear-cut as some of you seem to think it is. Be careful about where, precisely, you’re getting your information.

From everything I’ve read about this case, I side with the husband - and I told my husband I wanted to set up a living will or whatever is the appropriate thing in the state of Illinois to prevent me and him from having to go through something like that, should something unfortunate happen.

I’m having a hard time knowning who to believe about Terri’s level of responsiveness.

I am intensely skeptical of her parent’s claims, but there is evidence that more than ten doctors have tesitfied that Terri is not unconscious and would benefit from therapy.