When is the best time to post in a new thread?


Oh wait!

No, no – the last poster is the loser.

I don’t know if this is a written rule or not, but I think it is just plain common sense and common decency. You don’t add snarky replies (however funny you may find them) until the issue has been reasonably addressed. But, like WhyNot, I sometimes find it difficult to refrain…

If someone else has already said what I wanted to say, my likelihood of posting drops off very significantly. There is just so damn little use to “Yeah, me too!” posts.

(Now, guys, please…)

Anyone have kids that love the band one direction? Or are you a little screaming girl on the inside? Well heres your chance to meet them in person, click on the link below for a chance to meet them face to face :slight_smile:


Reported as spam.

I like what Tim R. Mortiss said. But then I’m not all that interested and did not read the whole thread.

I guess when you’re shitting spam on a thread, anytime’s as good as the next.

I wonder which way he voted…