When is the best time to post in a new thread?

Assume that you didn’t start the thread and that your interest in the subject matter is borderline. You have an opinion, a factual answer, a strong hunch, or a related joke that would fit in.

What conditions make it most likely that you’ll venture forth and post?

Anonymous poll on the way.

First page. I don’t like to post if I haven’t read the entire thread, and most topics aren’t interesting enough for me to read multiple pages.

Yes. My choice, as well. However, if I have posted in the thread, I will most often return to it to see how the conversation is going and to see if I need to reply to a reply or to embellish what I had already said.


Other: when I have something relevant and useful to say.

I don’t know, maybe I’m missing the point of the poll.

Same here. If I have something to say, I’ll say it. The poll options don’t make any sense to me.

Never unless there’s a poll to vote in: well, I post in all sorts of poll and non-poll threads. Are there really posters who only post in poll threads?

First post after OP: This isn’t some juvenile message board where everyone jumps in with “FIRST LOL!” like someone gives out a medal for being the first one to post after the OP.

Within the first 5-10 posts
On the first page
After at least one page

I don’t see a practical difference between those options. I can’t imagine who would decide not to post a reply because there are already 10 posts and it’s already too late to contribute. Maybe if someone beats you to a joke you were going to make, but that might happen in the first post, or the 14th - the number shouldn’t have anything to do with it. And what reason would there be to hold back and wait until the thread hits two pages?

In reply to a particular post: Yeah, like, I don’t know, the OP? And you reply when you come across the thread and have time to write a reply?

I was going to post in this thread, but then I realized I wouldn’t be first.

Perhaps it might make better sense if it had been “When is it “too late” to reply to a thread?”

If the poll options weren’t adequate, the “Other” option was to encourage more specifics.

Maybe to be complete I could have one more options for “Damn, what a stupid question!”

I really really try not to post jokes until/unless the question has been answered or support been offered or the debate debated. I don’t always succeed at that goal, though, I admit.

If a thread is over 101 posts (“pages” doesn’t mean much, as you can set the length of those to anything you want - mine is still the default 50 a page, so for me it’s 3 pages, but it may not be for you), then I’ve got to have something fairly substantial to add that hasn’t been said already, or a strong disagreement with another post to make it worthwhile to post. In other words, I won’t generally “me too” a thread past 101 posts.

If a thread is, as stated in the OP, of “borderline” interest to me, I’m not likely to even *read *it if it’s past 101 posts, much less post to it, unless it gets linked to somewhere else and/or attracts my attention repeatedly.

It’s so terrible when that happens! And to think you really wanted to have your say! :smiley:

I’ll also ditto these sentiments. Especially that last paragraph.

The urge to offer a joke or off-topic aside is sometimes too strong. There’s a recent thread about regretting things you’ve posted and that’s where most of my regrets lie.

Interestingly, that option has two votes so far…


There are dozens of poll threads where I have only voted without a post expanding on my vote. In looking back over threads histories, it’s impossible to tell I was ever there, unless I remember that I voted. Anonymous polls have that feature/flaw. If they’re public at least your username shows up in the poll data. But you’d have to go looking for it. A “vanity search” wouldn’t show it. Unless you did post to the thread.

I voted other because it is complicated. If I know the answer, and it hasn’t been answered yet, I will post after reading the thread. However, if my knowledge is shaky or a little fuzzy I usually don’t post at all. That is because the people around here will savage you for incomplete answers worse than a bitter 8th grade science teacher.

Unless the subject is very interesting, I don’t usually read threads with more than 100 replies. The chances that I would have something significant to add are almost certainly nil in a thread that length.

I don’t post jokes until the question is answered and I’m usually beaten to the punch.

If you voted, your choice will be italicized.

Of course that’s true, but you have to remember to check for the votes to see that. There’s no indicator in the thread list that you were there, unless you actually posted in the thread proper.

Said another way: voting doesn’t “subscribe” you to the thread automatically.

Other-before it closes.

Many’s the time I have joined the happy and brave souls who try to get posts in on some spammer’s thread before the gate is slammed. Those have been among the funniest threads on The Dope. As often, though, the entire thread gets disappeared so it’s just so much pissing into the wind.

Last! Ha ha I win!

I was going to post here, but I have no interest in the subject, so I decided not to.

Seriously, I chose ‘In reply to a particular post’ where the ‘particular post’ might be the original post.