When is this stupid smoke gonna go away?!?

This is the smoke of which I speak.

I can’t breathe. I mean, I REALLY can’t breathe. I’m gonna run out of ventilin soon.

And my throat hurts.

And my eyes are burning.

And I have a headache.

And there’s ash all over the damn place.

And my puppy smells like a campfire instead of a nice puppy.

And everything else smells like a campfire as well.

There are pine needles falling from the sky.

And it’s really freekin hot, which makes the nasty, opressive feeling of not being able to breathe that much more enjoyable.


this rant is lame. I can’t help it 'cus I just can’t breathe. :mad: :frowning:

FWIW, I realize that the people actually living in the fire zone have it much worse than I do. But this no breathing business still sucks nasty old wang.

I sometimes wonder if the fires are getting worse up here. I looked out the window today to find it all smoky, and it’s not like we’re as close to any of the fires as you guys are.

Of course I get to go experience it irst hand in a few days.

Uhm not the fires btw, the smokiness of Calgary.

Yeah, last year during the Pines fire, the town doc told us to just stay inside. Even indoors it smelled like someone’s campfire, and when you went outdoors, it was like you were standing directly downwind of a barbecue. We even had black flakes of ash falling out of the sky like some sort of perverse snow.

Go get more meds. See if you can get your hands on an air purifier, and hang in there.

alice_in_wonderland – sorry to hear that your part of the world is burning up. I have not heard much about Canadian fires (us egotistical US people focus on our life so much) and having been through it last year, I can relate.

It would be so hot but you didn’t want to open the windows when the smoke blew through and I am a smoker. I have pictures of the ashes that blew in, chunks of pine trees. I remember the partially burned pine needles being carried by the wind. Not only is it disgusting it’s sad to see the forests burned up.

You might try taking some allergy meds, drinking more water and if possible, find an interior room to hide from the smoke.

Good thoughts are coming your way.

My throat hurts, my eyes are burning, and I have a headache too. As an added bonus, I’ve always hated the smell of woodsmoke because it makes me feel vaguely sick to my stomach - these last days haven’t been great. Jim and I live in Arbour Lake, and we can normally see downtown and COP from where we live - it’s kinda freaky to look over there and not see anything but a blanket of white. Ever read that story by Stephen King - “The Langoliers”? :smiley:

When I started driving to work this morning, I couldn’t see four blocks ahead of me because of the smoke. Thanks to the part-time firefighter who flung his cigarette into a tinder dry forest and started a catstrophe that has destroyed dozens of houses and clogged up numerous lungs, not to mention the destruction of so much forest in the Crowsnest Pass.

I’ve actually been on the Flo-Vent (that’s the steroid-based one) for my asthma for the last year or so and it has made my lungs much healthier to the point where I hadn’t touched the Ventolin for several months until two nights ago when the smoke was so dense that I couldn’t breathe anymore.

We actually went to Crappy Tire last night and invested in an air purifier for the bedroom which did make quite a difference for our sleeping. You might have to bite the bullet and go get one yourself if you’re really suffering.

YAY!!! RAIN!!! It’s raining in Calgary today - I sure hope it’s raining on the fires, too.

I hope so too - but probably not. I can’t believe how dry it has been here.

Rain is good! Although it still seems really smoky.

However, at least the humidity is above 10% now. :slight_smile: