When Jeopardy turns personal . . .

Tonight I turned on the TV and was immersed in College Jeopardy. This one girl on there, in the middle, is named Emily. I know an Emily . . . hmmm. This girl has brown hair. MY Emily has brown hair. This girl has a kinda high voice. Mine told me she has a kinda high voice. This girl’s facial construct and my Emily’s are very similar.

So was anyone watching Jeopardy when it started, and can they give me more information on her? I will email her to ask, or talk with her via IM or otherwise online, but she and I haven’t talked since mid May (one phone line for six people, five of them female . . . 'nuff said :)).

And on that line, and reminding myself of TheBoffi’s appearance on WW2BAM, has anyone ever been on such a show, or know someone who was? I have friends from the quizbowl community who were on, including the most recent million-dollar man.

upon reading of the title, i thought this was gonna be about an episode where Lance, a corporate designer from Omaha, stabbed Jodi the dental hygenist with his clicker after a rather vicious round of name calling.

Hey… How did TheBoffi do anyway? What happened? I never heard…


Yeah me too, jb.

“What is shove up your ass you pompous bastard, Alex?”

“You want me to come over there and make it a true daily double?”

Emily won the show. Actually, she was so far ahead no one could have beat her in final Jeopardy! anyway. She now moves on to the finals and a chance at $25,000.00 and a new car. It will air Thursday and Friday.

The end of the show:

Final category? Africa

Answer: Name the country that has such cities as Marshall and something I don’t remember.

Question: What is Liberia.

They all guessed South Africa, myself included.

But, Emily moves on…

Yay for Emily! And thanks to CnoteChris. I will probably find out tonight and tomorrow if this is the Emily I know, as I figure they’ll touch on where she goes to school and her major and probably her family (all of which I know about my Emily).

Was anyone else surprised at how easy the answers/questions for the category “The Phantom Menace” were? I mean, come on! Darth Maul as the $1,000 point question? Give me a large break!

And Screeme, why don’t you resurrect his thread and ask him?

Were you drunk when you watched this show? Sounds like it.
It does improve that way, especially on the college ones where they have easier questions.

I was not drunk, Mu Mu.

And for all you two people who were actually wondering, it was not my friend Emily on there. It was teen/high school jeopardy, which automatically excludes my friend, as she graduated in '98. Plus the last name was wrong and my friend doesn’t have braces. Other than that . . .

BTW, Mu Mu, as lots of posters here cna tell you, I don’t drink. Sometimes I act as someone might if they were punch drunk, but that ain’t from alcohol. Scares me a bit, too . . .

The other city in the question was Tubmanville. Kind of obvious considering the orgins of Liberia to me…

it wasn’t her? oh man!

from the way you described her with the brown hair and everything, i thought for sure it would be her.

hey, wait! i know an emily with brown hair, maybe it was her! did the one on jeopardy have feet? MINE does.

I knew a girl with feet once, but her name was Julie.

Hey, my cat’s name is Julie!
Did your girl have feet, or paws? Better check.

By the way, it’s the teen championship not the college championship.

I kinda like the teen version, I have the questions to all the answers.

Hey, I KNOW an Emily. AND she’s in college! But wait, she’s a blonde lesbian, so it’s probably not her.

Ever here the Jerkey Boys?
"Wrong answer!.

IF you gave answer like that, Mr. Trebeck is likely to cut to a commercial and break your jaw."