When Mother Nature gets pissed.

Is there a ‘safe’ state in the United States, natural disaster-wise, that is free from the following:
Intense snow storms.
Intense rains and flooding.
…and, oh hell, pestilance and locusts, too.

Can you live peacefully somewhere so you don’t need to fear Mother Nature?

Yeah, it’s called Canada (except for snowstorms, everywhere, and flooding in Manitoba only). Get out of that creepy place with its life-threatening constant disasters. Not to mention your horrifying neighbours and your pathetic government.

Signed: one life-long Canadian patriot.


Nowhere is 100% safe. I seem to recall that somewhere in Montana or Idaho is considered the most geologically safe place and safe from the heavy duty stuff like tornados (and certainly hurricanes and tidal waves aren’t an issue). All you really need to worry about are snowstorms which usually aren’t lethal if you’re prepared.

Unfortuantely most people seem to forget the worst earthquakes in the United States happened not in California or Alaska but in the midwest around where the corners of Missouri, Tennesee, Arkansas and Kentucky closely meet. The New Madrid fault doesn’t go off nearly as often as the San Andreas fault in California but when it does watch out! If earthquakes akin to those that happened in 1811-1812 occur the devastation will be enormous…in particular you can expect St. Louis to be flattened. Nothing in those areas is built to any kind of earthquake codes such as you see in California and there are WAY too many brick structures which are about the worst thing to be in if a quake hits (they crumble). Damage will probably extend all the way to Chicago at the fringes. In short, ‘safe’ is hard to come by.

Regardless of the naysayers, Canada is completely safe as we already know how to deal with floods and snowstorms. Forest fires are a different matter, but easily avoided if you don’t live near a forest. Forests are endless in Canada, so there’s no really easy way to deal with that. My point was and is: we have an actual government and the americans don’t. Nope yourself. And the weather is way nicer, I couldn’t stand hot or humid. Ick.

I think you’re just looking for an argument, my friend. I plainly said 'United States" in my post. Go grumble at a Russian.

Texas is as safe as you can get. We don’t have tornadoes. Well, hardly ever. And you don’t wanna get too close to the coast, because they have hurricanes out that way, but by the time it reaches Central Texas, it’s no more than a thunderstorm, really. We seldom flood. We don’t have snowstorms.

Admittedly, we do very little aside from pump oil out of the ground and blaze away at each other with all our personal firearms, morning, noon, and night, but I’d hardly call that a NATURAL disaster. We work very hard at it, thank you.

Isn’t central Texas just emerging from a severe drought? And they emerged due to downpours caused by a tropical storm. Moreover, as you did note, Texas is not immune from tornadoes. And they sometimes have snowstorms, but, admittedly, rarely.

I don’t think there’s a place on this planet where you will be completely safe from some natural phenomenon. People where I live like to live on the ocean. It’s a good life there. Fantastic views, close to the beach and the roar of the ocean, etc. But of course quite susceptible to tropical storms. At least you can drive inland, which is not the case if you live in Bermuda.

I ain’t looking for a argument. You want US territory, go for Texas. Or Arizona or NM, if you like dry.

Did Montana or Idaho experience ash problems when Mt. St. Helens blew?

And do wild beasties count as things the OP wants to live without?

I’d say Milwaukee is pretty safe, we don’t get hurricanes, we get very rarely get tornados (all though we do get alot of warnings, especially if your up near Madison), I don’t know that we’ve ever had an earthquake, and as for rain and snow…Well…We no major floods like you see on the news or storms like you see out east, but it can get quite nasty.

Earth is a dangerous place. But everywhere else we know of is worse!