When one brewer takes over another.

All the corporate take overs that have happened in the last 20 years have affected many industries products, including the brewing industry.

Here in Wisconsin Brewers Pabst & Miller have taken over Heilemans & Stroh. It’s kind of weird that Pabst took over anybody, because they don’t brew any beer themselves, it’s all done by contract brewers for them.

Anyway, my question is, when one brewer takes over another, do they just take over the name of the beers they brew, or do they stick to the recipe that was used before? I noticed a huge difference in the tast of Strohs when Pabst first took it over, but not a big difference in other beers like Old Style. I can find nothing about this on the web. Are brew masters from the former brewery retained? Maybe I’m just getting old, but a lot of big name beer is starting to taste the same to me, and that sucks.

Any recipes would have been turned over to the new owner as part of the sale. However, unless the terms of the sale said otherwise, the new owner would be free to ignore the old recipes and substitute new ones.