When Pamela Anderson Dies...

what happens to her silicone? Is it the practice to leave implants alone? How about if the person’s gonna be cremated? Does silicone burn?

What about the old style, where there are no `implants’ per se, just silicone injected directly into the tissue?

Will aliens digging around Los Angeles in 3000 find a huge reserve of odd silicon compounds? :smiley:

(from the Mary Tyler Moore show)

“One thing’s for certain - she didn’t drown.”

There wouldn’t be any reason to remove her implants if she were buried.

If she were cremated, I’m not sure. I know that oftentimes non-combustable material is put in the furnace (I’ve read that sometimes people are cremated in metal coffins: they have to peel back the top, or the corpse is just “baked.”) There might be some sort of EPA regulation regarding burning silicone implants, but I doubt if they would bother to remove them otherwise.

Yes, I’m sure that aliens, or archaeologists in the future will find a skeleton or two with odd silicone lumbs on the ribcage. I doubt they will be much confused if our records survive, but if they don’t, perhaps they will use the archaeological catch-all: “They were used for ceremonial purposes. Probably connected with a fertility rite.”

<nitpick>Pam had her implants removed a while back.</nitpick>

No idea what happens to silicone implants after death, though. I imagine a mortician could remove them.

[nitpick of a nitpick]She had the big implants removed and replaced with smaller ones. She still has implants.[/nitpick of a nitpick]

Eh, d’ye think there’s gonna be a resale market?

I think a lot would depend on whether there was an autopsy. There’s a good chance they would be removed and examined in such a case.

cremation = implants removed

MD: Implants are jiggly.

Not much to examine except mass, volume, and a check for fenestrations or oozing leaks.

But you gotta admit: They’d make great paperweights, once cleaned. Or maybe coated in neoprene and used as stress balls.

Quick! To the cemetary! I gots me a business model!

Why are you asking this? Is her Hepatitis C getting so bad that she may kick off at any moment and I should get involved in a death pool?

Isn’t everything, really, when you get right down to it? :slight_smile:

I’m asking it for the same reason you post in purple, raisin my man.

Look in the most recent issue of MAD!

Actually, if I understand the process of silicone enhancements correctly, there will be an EVEN number, not an ODD one!
:smiley: :wink:

Aren’t they used in reconstructive surgery, as well as for enhancements? So there could very well be an odd number.

There was a case on the HBO show “Autopsy” wherein a human skeleton was found with what looked like “two jellyfish” resting on the rib cage. They were found to be silicon implants which leaked their fluid over time. The body was identified by the serial number on the implants and the murderer was eventually caught.

“cremation = implants removed”

Why? Surely the temperatures used in a crematory are going to be high enough to incinerate the implants.

I’d be a shame if someone lets an heirloom be destroyed. These could become the Fiestawear of the next generation.


If they were left in during cremation I imagine the saline would boil and, well…
Imagine if someone were injured…

Cremating a silicon breast implant might create toxic fumes, or cause the funeral home to violate the EPA pollution limits, or somesuch.