When should I put my computer to sleep? And other Questions

So I’ve got the “Go to sleep” button on my keyboard that makes my (windows XP) computer go to sleep. What’s the point of this button? ** When should I push it ** (ie push it when I go for a potty break, during the body of a TV show (ie not commercials), or when someone comes into the room, and I have sensitve material on the screen) ** Is it harmful to put my computer to sleep and wake it up again often?** How long is too long to have my computer sleep?

And one off topic question:** If I have my screensaver set to black, will that cause burn in? ** I don’t think so because isn’t computer monitor black created by the lack of phosphors phorsphoring, but as long as I’m asking.


Put your computer to sleep when it’s no longer able to find its litter tray and starts peeing on the floor. Its sad, but its the kind thing to do.

When it seems to be suffering too much!


The sleep function is primarily a power-saver. You can use it whenever you’ll be away from your computer for a while, but don’t like to wait for it to cold boot. It doesn’t matter how much you use it or for how long you leave the computer in sleep mode, you’ll not hurt it.

And no, a black screen will not burn anything in. In any case, modern SVGA monitors don’t suffer as much from the burn-in problem of older CRTs, so a screensaver is generally unnecessary.