When someone loses one kidney do they have balance problems?

When someone donates a kidney does it throw off their center of gravity at all? Like if they spin around do they have a hard time staying standing? Is there an empty space where the kidney was or do they stick some sort of filler in there?

You know, kidneys aren’t that heavy.

You could have them remove your opposite testicle to balance things out.

I believe that other organs and soft tissues/fluids will squidge in to fill the gap; this is quite easy to understand as the kidneys are relatively small and there are plenty of available soft parts nearby… but what about lungs; when somebody has a lung removed, what (if anything) fills the void?

I thought kidney’s were about the size of a small fist? Guess I may be wrong there.

When everything slides into the void created by a missing organ, is there a danger of a vein or nerve getting twisted in the shift or something to that effect?

Nah, they fill the empty space with listening devices and remote controlled bombs.