When the cat is away the mice don't even call in sick

Arrrrgh! The boss is out for two weeks and as Office Manager I have to stay around just for such emergancies. Last week the receptionist falls down the stairs during lunch and has to go the ER. On Friday, after sending the nurse home b/c she wasn’t feeling well. So as I was out as pre-arranged and so was the Med tech–that meant that the phones were not answered and appointments not scheduled. And that she was too out of it to come in at all this week. But the silly bunt calls the office and leaves a message when she does have my cell# and it would enable me to re-schedule my day to know before I get to work that I WILL BE THE ONLY ONE THERE.

Noone seems to grasp that I as OM have enough to do behind the scenes that I really do need to have coverage while I do the nit picky things that end up getting us paid.
And to add insult to injury (for me-not the recp I am ragging on) my damn period has apparently kicked in again on top of this cold MrCoffee so nicely shared. So I cannot breathe and sound like it on the phone and am cramping fiercely.

Anyone else feel betrayed and used by your c0w-orkers. You have mentally queued tasks to fullfill on the “off-day” and cannot do them because you gotta cover a different position?

Well, I’m feeling a little taken-advantage-of by my boss right now. I am a part-time, low-pay accounting clerk*, and I am currently covering the office manager while she is on vacation. I’m trying to stay zen about the whole thing, and try to give them only as much work as they pay me for. :smiley:
*The hours are okay, but low pay is SUPPOSED to mean low responsibilities, which is what I want because I’m currently working on developing my own business. I’ve really got to learn to be less competent.