When the Shit Hits the FLOOR?????

Actually, it is the floor!

I’m thinking that this every political office should be retiled with this stuff immediately.

I think I’ll pass, thanks.

I’ll sue.

Probably a pretty good idea that people are, unfortunately, too immature to accept.

I think **Cisco ** is right. People, the world is literally covered in feces. You touch it, you breathe it, it’s IN YOUR EYES RIGHT NOW. They build whole houses out of it in some places.


Get it out, get it out, get it out!

They didn’t mention wallboard, which along with flooring could give a whole new meaning to being “in the shithouse.”

(Psst! Nobody tell him about dust mites!)

Can’t sleep - there’s shit in my floors.

Can’t sleep - there’s shit in my floors.

Can’t sleep - there’s shit in my floors.


Um - I’m going to run to the nearest semiconductor facility and sleep in their cleanroom. :smiley:

Next you’re going to tell me that there’s bacteria living *inside *me!

“Y’know, most wood floors creak when you walk on 'em. How come yours just kinda squish?

What they need to do is come up with a consumer-friendly name for the stuff. Like, Coproboard (made with 100% biodegradable post-consumer material!)

My grandparents always called particle board “pressed horse shit,” as in, “Don’t buy that TV center. It’s made of pressed horse shit.”

Gotta go-- I need to call my grandparents and tell them to file a suit claiming that someone stole their idea.

In other words, we’ve had a hundred years of rapid technological innovation, just so we can go back to building our homes with anmal waste?!?

This is progress?!?!?

Never mind using it for building!

Would you believe some people eat food that has been grown in fields supplemented with manure? How unbelieveable is that??

Bosda, you’d never let those food items touch your lips now, would you? :wink:

Some people eat stuff that pops right out of it! :slight_smile:

This is an outrage. I blame Bush.

See, now you’re just being redundant.


A cosumer-friendly name for it?

Soylent Brown?

I wonder if its smell (or lack of thereof) is good enough to fool all pet dogs and cats, with an emphasis on bloodhounds, beagles, etc. Because any house-training bets are off if they sense the truth, no?

According to Kevin Trudeau (of the “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About” infomercial notoriety), “For a thousand years, it was believed that bacteria couldn’t live in the stomach!”

Pretty amazing, since bacteria were only discovered a little over 300 years ago…