When they say FINAL Fantasy... they weren't kidding.

Or maybe they were. Apparently this publication is blaming the Final Fantasy video game series ((my personal absolute favorite series of games)) for the recent increasing number of suicides.

Seriously… read the rest of this article. You have to wonder what kind of crack they’re smoking, and why they aren’t sharing with the rest of us.

This is the biggest load of crap I’ve read. They’re just looking to place blame on something popular.

“This game MADE them kill themselves!” :rolleyes:

Has Pat Pulling been over there lately? This sounds like her brand of hysteria, which (happily) hasn’t been selling as well in the US lately. This kind of hysteria seems to come mainly from people who don’t want to think about the real source of problems.

Sim, I don’t think I want any of what they were spoking. Paranoid delusions aren’t my idea of a good time. And to blame Final Fantasy, of all things–the whole series is pretty innocuous as games go. (I’m a big FF fan myself, BTW.)

Oh, lord. Is Tipper Gore going to decry the background music? This is another classic case of people being so goddamned bored they have to invent things to bitch about. I’ve played almost the entire FF series. Never once did I want to kill myself. I’ve never tried suicide because of the music I listen too, either. These people make me sick. If someone’s going to kill themself, they have to be pretty fucked up to do it. I can’t see a video game or a song being the impetus for a rational person to do it.

If anything, I think the FF series is…well, I’m not sure if “morally uplifting” is correct grammar but I’m usin’ it anyway. You’re the (mostly) good guys fighting against the (mostly) bad guys. You’re trying to save the world. And, assuming you actually finish the game, you succeed. What’s so wrong with that? Beats the hell (pun intended) out of Diablo.

Which, BTW, I liked what I saw of Diablo just fine. Gory, though.

“6 teenagers committed suicide over the recent 4 months in the town of Kstovo which is not far from the city of Nizhni Novgorod. The first 3 guys hung themselves and the rest of them jumped off the roofs of high buildings.”
I lettered in Journalism in High School (Yes, Academic Letters aren’t just awarded to athletes), and this whole article, especially the quote above, doesn’t strike me as being very well-written (Use of arabic symbols ‘6’, ‘4’ and ‘3’ instead of their English words. “The first 3 guys…” instead of something like “The first three victims…” There are other parts throughout the article where grammar is questionable and standard formatting rules are ignored.

My guess is either that the translator is inexperienced, or that the article is a hoax.


Just by the wording of this, it doesn’t sound too genuine to me. But maybe it’s something with translation, I don’t know.
Sounds pretty stupid to me though.

you’re expecting good grammar from russians?


I’ll admit I was a little bummed out when Aeris was skewered in part seven, but that’s taking it just a BIT too far.