When was the last time you played?

A few years ago, friends and I (all adults) went to the beach at night and decided to play tag.

Base. You’re it. It all came back.

The best time I’d had in years.

Have any of you played a kid’s game as an adult? (no, not playing with your own kids or grands - just playing to play with other adults)

I play 4-Square fairly often. In fact, we used to play every Friday after work.

No shit? So did we. What industry are you in?

4-Square with adults is not the same safe harmless game that kids play. We had all sorts of complicated rules options (subject to change within the game via the “king” shouting a rule change whenever he/she had the ball) and injuries were not unheard of.

It’s probably been twenty years since the last time I played Defender on a real arcade machine. My mad skillz are probably as long gone as the callous on my pinkie finger. :frowning:

I’ve been known to play a little hide & seek with my daughter and/or neice.

At the Origins gaming convention earlier this month, a whole bunch of us had a massive Nerf-gun-and-water-pistol fight in the bar at one of the hotels. It was great fun, and nobody lost an eye.

Now I know how I want to celebrate my 64th birthday with “the girls” – most about my age or slightly older. What a fantastic idea!

The secret is to tell yourself the humanoids are members of your family.

We used to play tiggy at my old flat. A dozen or so of us would be running all over the road at night, thumping each other on the arm and screaming CAN’T TIG YOUR MASTER! Heaps of fun on a summers night. Some friends of mine played Spotlight each Sunday night in the summer - I was always too far away to make it but it sounded like fun.

Hmmmm, my husband and I played cards about a week ago when the power went out. A couple of power lines caught fire, very exciting. This was just a week after the power had gone out because of a thunderstorm.

It gets HOT in Texas, even at night, in the summertime.

A few years ago, a software developer at the company I was working at declared a snowball fight, and we all went out onto the roof of the parking garage and had a great time.

If cards count, Mr. Stuff and I play cards (mostly buck euchre) all the time.

I made a pillow fort in my living room a couple weeks ago. I was alone, but I think it still counts.

I have a camping weekend coming up soon–I’m hoping to scare up a good game of Red Light, Green Light. :slight_smile:

I practice parkour regularly. Its pretty much like stuff you did as a kid.

Does MarioKart count? The original, on N64. Played last weekend with two of my buddies, one a lawyer, the other a pharmacist.

I’m going to the circus tonight - just Mr. SCL and I. I’m excited!

I played tag two weeks ago. Granted, I was a camp counselor at the time, but the age group was 15-17; typically an age that’s left games of tag behind.

Every October, some friends and I field a team to a local one-day kickball tournament for grown-ups. Real kickball, with the big red ball. It’s for charity, and you get a t-shirt.

You also get a quick and merciless lesson in just how pathetically out of shape you are. Good times though.

We play all the time! My friends and I play lots of board games, also games in the water and pool like dibble-dabble. Kickball, MarioKart, all kinds of fun stuff. And games like darts, outdoor lawn games like croquet or bocce ball, badminton, etc. We play a lot.

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The other night my friend was over enjoying my big glorious deck.

The deck is about 6" above the roof of the building below, so lots of things fall through and are still visible at a tantalizing distance away.

My friend noticed a blue and yellow severed arm of an action figure on the floor between the slats. We grabbed some chopsticks and spent a pleasant few minutes trying to extract it. Ultimately we were successful, and by that time we had spotted the other severed arm (from the same action figure) as well as various and sundry other odd things.

Ultimately we were out there, digging for treasure through the slats in the deck with chopsticks, until it got too dark to see. In total we extracted another arm (from a different set than the first two), a nose (from a stuffed animal of some sort), pens, clothespins, pieces of mirror, a CD, $0.35, and numerous lighters.

It was great fun.

(The postscript is that the following day, my friends came over with their 8 and 9 year old kids. I showed them the stuff and gave them chopsticks, and their mother was disgusted and took away the chopsticks and gave them video games instead. Harrumph. Dis my game, will you?!)