When was the last time you watched a VHS Tape?

It occurred to me today that even though I sill have one TV with a VCR attached I haven’t watched a VHS tape in at least six or seven years. Possibly longer. And before that the only tape I watched for a year or two was a mini tradition I had around Christmas time of watching the Santa Claus episode of MST3K that I had taped off TV many years earlier. When was the last time you watched a Video tape?

The day before yesterday. Of course, that was professionally. At home it has been years. The VCR is in the storage unit, I think.

It wasn’t too terribly long ago; my daughter wanted to watch one of the old videotapes she found in a box. I can’t remember what it was. We don’t have a dedicated VCR, but I found a dual deck VCR/DVD player at a garage sale for $10, so I picked it up. We have quite a few of the Disney musicals on VHS, so it was worth the $10, and it works fine.

She also found all the VHS tapes of my old high school shows. Viewings have been scheduled. Need more vodka first. :wink:

About a week ago, all my 80s fantasy is on VHS and I still haven’t updated - this time it was Labyrinth, but Dark Crystal, Neverending Story, Excalibur, Dragonslayer, Willow…they’re all on VHS.

Oddly enough, I have updated all my Sci Fi to DVD. Wonder why the disparity?

I haven’t been in possession of a VCR since I left my parents’ house for college in 2002, so… at least twelve years. I’m almost at the point where “when was the last time you watched a DVD?” - as opposed to a Blu-Ray, streaming, or other digital video - is an interesting question.

One of the services I offer is transfer from one medium to another, so I watch VHS tapes rather frequently. But that would be cheating, wouldn’t it?

My wife and I are already there and have been for a while. For VHS tapes, it has been so long that I don’t remember when I last watched one. We still have a VCR but it has been packed away for years.

It has been at least a few years since we have watched anything on DVD or Blu-Ray. For us, physical media is dead and buried. If we can’t watch what we want online, it doesn’t get watched.

I still regularly use my VCR to tape the few broadcast shows I watch. I also have some commercial VHS tapes on my shelves that I could watch any time I felt like it, but I can’t remember when I last did so.

With a qualification, not just VHS, but Beta in the past month.

I’ve been going thru the old tapes and digitalizing them. I don’t really watch the actual tape all the way thru, but a few bits here and there to see what’s on them and if they are worth copying.

Once every week or two we watch a whole program from off one of the tapes.

Beta Rulez!

Our cable and internet was knocked out over the Christmas holidays, so we had to look for other sources of entertainment. One thing we did was watch “American Beauty” on VHS (I bought it for a few bucks over a decade ago).

I have a few other movies on VHS I picked up for cheap that I watch once in a long while (Jaws, Army of Darkness, Reservoir Dogs, The French Connection, Paths of Glory, Blue Velvet, etc.).

In one of the really PITA situations of my life, I gave away about 300 tapes and three good but basic players when we relocated. I kept about two dozen tapes - some unique, some rare commercial ones I intend to convert to disk - and my pro-grade JVC SVHS player with stabilization, timebase correction and only about 50 hours of use.

Which now proves to have one of those tape-slipping issues caused by age, and the only reliable repair depots left want more than it’s worth to me to fix. I wish I’d sold it and kept a cheap, reliable consumer unit instead.

So the answer is “not in four years” but VHS is still a part of my general workflow; I often have (had) cause to capture and convert it from archival and rare tapes.

It was about 3-4 years ago, a co-worker let me borrow Rustler’s Rhapsody on VHS. I had a TV with a built-in VCR and DVD, and the damn thing almost ate his tape. I had to use knives and such to get it out. I threw it away shortly after that. No VCR anymore, and threw away what few tapes I had a few years ago.

When I retrieved them from storage, I watched my old porn tapes. This was about a year ago.

Two days ago (Friday). Last time I taped a program onto a VHS tape was the day before (Thursday).

Unless I am forgetting something, it would have been spring of 2010 and the tape was my copy of The 10th Kingdom.

The last DVD I watched was a week ago. It was some Maria Bamford standup.

Last night! Some friends moved house, and lightened their load. They dumped a bunch of old movies. I was watching “Chariots of Fur,” a Warner Brothers Roadrunner-and-Coyote compilation. Fun!

Christmas day. My uncle dug out some tapes of Christmases past and we all sat around watching them. Good stuff, especially seeing how bad our hair and makeup really were in 1989.

I honestly can’t remember. Weird, I had a decent collection of tapes when I was a kid. It was a relevant part of my life. And one day I just threw them all away… like tears… in the rain.

Friday. And every other day aside from weekends. But that’s at work, so I guess it doesn’t count.

About a year ago, but only because I was transferring old VHS-C tapes to the computer. During which I learned that my wife had accidentally taped over a large portion of the only copy of our wedding video. Which itself had accidentally been recorded in black-and-white. Why yes, it was a very professional affair with a great deal of planning, why do you ask?

Still, I guess it’s better than a perfect recording of a failed marriage.