When was the last traditional doubleheader in MLB?

When was the last doubleheader played that was not a day-night doubleheader? I seem to remember the White Sox and the Rangers played a traditional doubleheader in Texas in 2005. Probably a make up game and the travel schedule didn’t allow for a day/night doubleheader.

When was the last traditional doubleheader scheduled in MLB?

If by “scheduled” you mean “scheduled before the season started”, I don’t know the answer–I suspect it was some time during the mid-1980’s. Nowadays all double-headers are make-up double-headers.

Among make-up double-headers, a growing percentage, but not all, are day-night. Make-up double-headers which have to be played on short notice (rain the previous day) in cities with low attendance are more likely to be conventional. One such was played on September 13, 2006 by Milwaukee at Pittsburgh.

According to ESPN, Cleveland has a DH scheduled at Seattle, to make up one of the Snow Bowl games, at 3:05 and 6:35 on September 26. I assume that this will be two games for one admission. But again, by “scheduled” they mean “scheduled to make up a postponement”, not “scheduled before the season started”.

A traditional doubleheader will be played in Pittsburgh next month. But then again it’s a makeup for a rainout. The last doubleheaders actually scheduled by MLB before a season happened, IIRC, sometime in the 1990s.

The correct answer to the last traditional doubleheader is today. The Texas Rangers are playing the Seattle Mariners in a traditional doubleheader today. The Texas Rangers web site states: Tickets dated Tuesday, July 24, and originally issued for the 7:35 game will be valid for admission to both games.

Still looking to see when the last traditional doubleheader was scheduled in advance of the season opening.