When Was The Last Use of Naval galley Ships?

The Spanish ha several galleys accompanying the “Invincible Armada” in 1588.
I don’t think these ships were well suited to the Atlantic Ocean-as they were too low , and only able to mount a few cannon.
I can understand the utility of these ships in the Mediterranean, as long as the weather was calm.
When was the last time galleys were used?

Wikipedia says 1798.


The rebels used them effectively on the Hudson River during the Revolution, against British warships that had trouble maneuvering in tight quarters.


I seem to remember that galleys were used by both sides during the Barbary wars. The Barbary States still used galleys for raiding shipping in the Mediterranean. Although the US fleet was led by its newly-built frigates, the rest of the fleet was a somewhat motley assortment of smaller coastal vessels, including a few captured galleys if I remember correctly.

The last galley wasn’t stricken from the Swedish ship rolls until 1835. It was steamships that delivered the coup de grâce to galleys, since it allowed ships to move without wind.

Galley slave: “Oh thank God, we don’t have to be chained to these oars anymore. Wait…you want me to do what with this shovel?”