When will the horror end?


Go to AOL’s “entertainment” section for details.

I scoffed when I clicked on this thread, certain there was no horror too great for me to handle…

I was wrong. runs screaming from the thread

It might not be so horrific if it’s a “Road Runner/ Tom and Jerry” type violence fest, with various methods of offing the offening Gibbon-faced moppets. (I.E. Falling anvils, high explosives, catapults, etc.)
Now THAT I might watch.

This would be which sign of the Apocalypse, then?

And, no, I won’t be visiting AOL’s “entertainment” section. There is quite enough horror in this world as it is.

I may not have to actually WATCH them, but I will most certainly HEAR them. My daughter is 10 and thinks they are wonderful. She’s been nuts about them since she was about 4.

I keep waiting on her to grow out of it, but well…(sigh)

Maybe if I let her get that tattoo she’s been wanting…! :wink:

Not sure which sign of the Apocalypse, exactly, but I know that it’s just around the corner. My moment of certainty occurred the night the Olsens showed up on “Seventh Heaven”.

As ‘bad’ girls…

::wanders off, overcome by dry heaves::

I’m a scout for the Four Horsemen. I regret to inform you that yes this is a step towards the end.

Know this, when the Olsen twins have aged 16 years and appear in their first teen party film, the apocolypse is neigh.