When will there be too many people in the U.S., and what would we do about it?

At what point will we decide there are too many people in the USA? 500 million? A Billion? 10 billion? Does the government have any set number when it’s time to say “whoa”?

That day is coming. Maybe not soon, but sometime.

And what are we going to do about it?
Massive abortions & infantcides like in China?
Free Sterilisations like in India?
Those things aren’t working there, why would they work here?

Does this U.S. have any plan regarding the overpopulation of this nation?

The U.S. birth rate is either barely enough to sustain our population or is actually too low to sustain it, now. Any real growth that we see is occurring through immigration. (The politics of that cannot be stated without a debate and there have already been several in GD.)

The birth rate of the whole world is also beginning to plateau, although it is occurring more slowly in some regions than others. It appears that within the next 100 to 150 years, the population of the world will stabilize, or perhaps fall. At that point there will be few pressures to encourage continued immigration. (Not that there will be no people who want to move to the U.S., only that the overall numbers of people immigrating and emigrating will likely cancel each other out.)

It is unlikely that the U.S. will ever have to set some arbitrary number to which population will be limited. (Political pressures may very well be brought to restrict or prohibit immigration, but if they are, the population will cease to grow.)

Where do you get your information from? Everything I have read states that the popultation of the Earth is going to double on day.

It is estimated that the entrie population of the world could fit into the city limits of Jacksonville, FL (standing side by side]

The USA still has vast areas of unpopulated areas.

Outside of Manhattan and San Fran most cities aren’t at saturation point.

Now none of this means it is a good thing but we are far from being saturated

Birth rate statistics aside, I don’t think we’ll ever see the day when the U.S. becomes too populated to bear. The Japanese manage to get by in an area the size of California with a population of about half that of the U.S. That doesn’t mean the multicultural population of the U.S. would be able to get along in such tight quarters, but it’s not like they’ll be crawling all over each other like garden snakes in mating season either.

You can find that sort of opinion among the folks at ZPG and a few other “green” associations. It is not generally held to be true by the population experts at the United Nations or a number of other places where they are actually watching demographics.

There was a long, tedious thread on the subject a while back in GD. Check out 6 billion? when you have a few free hours. The poster who kept crying “Doom” and quoting (at copyright-bending length) from Greenpeace, The Sierra Club and other groups kept running into the problem that the doomsayers had cooked their figures, often contradicted each other, and occasionally contradicted themselves.

From dhanson on 10-20-1999 04:46 AM from the thread just linked:

For US population, estimates are that the population will be around 500 million by 2100, projecting current trends in population growth. Source is the U. S. Census. I can dig up the link if necessary.

First of all, I want to thank tom~ for referencing ol’ “6 billion.” I have had a lot to say on this subject, and didn’t want to have to search for the link. The quote from dhanson is a good bottom line. Birth rates are declining in most of the world. Even in underdeveloped countries, where birth rates are comparatively high, the rates are still generally decreasing.

But wait! you may ask. Why, then, is the population increasing? Population will still increase as long as the overall replacement rate is positive. Of course, birth rate is not the be all/end all of the discussion. The other end of the spectrum is that people are living longer; fewer are dying of disease and starvation than years past.

pkbites, I’m not sure where you hear the population doomsday scenarios, but it doesn’t surprise me that you do hear them because they are prevalent. Remember, organizations like ZPG, Greenpeace, Earth First! and similar require that a ‘doomsday’ message be disseminated. That is how they get attention, support, and funding. And science be damned. Unsuspecting people may actually believe that the groups mentioned above are apolitical or objective. They are not. They have a definite agenda.

Add to the mix the tendency for the press to be overly sensationalistic (bad news and overwrought predictions are more interesting than ‘things aren’t so bad, after all’) and it is not surprising that the average person picks up little bits here and little bits there until it seems a consensus is out there as TRUTH, when in fact it is not.

Then, the whole question becomes “How bad off will we be if the population reaches X level?” A true and complex debate, that. In my opinion, it is good to look at all the horrible predictions of mass starvation and the earth running out of food, postulated just 20-30 years ago; and compare that with what actually has happened, and you can begin to see that the story is more complex than just “our population is going to double and we’re all going to die a horrible death, gasping for air as we step over the wretched bodies, etc., etc.”

The more immediate problem, of course, is thread overpopulation in General Questions. Fortunately, I have developed an inexpensive, harmless method for population reduction called the “moved thread” link.

Off to GD.

I doubt it. Capitatlist think growth is good for the economy. They think new technology will solve problems.

Greens, Naderites think zero population growth is best.
Western Europe pretty much has ZPG. The USA growth is not much more, and it mostly comes from immigration.

Well, not entirely.

The U.S. Census projections[sup]1[/sup] to 2100 give a range of 282,706,000 for the low series, through 570,954,000 for the middle series, to 1,182,390,000 for the high series.

Their fertility rates projections, however, show that for the middle series, they assume that fertility rates will climb to 2.2 live births per women, and stay at that level, through the 21[sup]th[/sup] century, coupled with a rise of life expectancy at birth to 88 years for males, and over 92 years for females.

Their methodolgy is given. I haven’t read it in its entirety, but it seems similar to the U.N.'s.

[sup]1[/sup][sub]The U.S. Census Bureau considers an “estimate” to be an answer to the question, “How many people are in the U.S.?”, and a “projection” to be answer to the question, “How many people will be in the U.S.?”[/sub]

Hi, my name’s Duck Duck Goose, and I just wanna say–is this thing on? [leans forward and taps microphone]
[BOOM BOOM BOOM] Okay. I just wanna say that I think there’s already too many people in the world already, and the reason I know this is true is, there’s never any parking spaces right in front at either Wal-Mart OR Kroger, so I think we should get rid of some of the people, but not by killing them, 'cause murder is a sin, but I think we should definitely encourage them to go live somewhere else. Like China. Or maybe Chicago.

Thank you.

Mosey on over to the “tax funds for abortion” thread and check out what Kalt has to say about population control. It’s a hoot.

I agree that the USA had tons of unused space, and just because our population centers are crowded doesn’t mean that we have too many people.

Of course, we could expand to fill our space, but we probably won’t.

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Whoops! You’re correct, Akatsukami. I was going from memory on what I had read and neglected to mention the (incorrect)500 million figure was the middle series projection reported by the US Bureau of the Census. Damn!! I guess I’m not helping in the fight by being sloppy :(. Lesson learned, my apologies.

No lack implied or intended, eponymous. I occasionally remind myself (and am much more often forcibly reminded by others) that even I need data. Since web searches are somthing that I am moderately ept at, I wanted to track down these data and present them (or links to them) to the Teeming Thousands for what they think that they are worth, is all.