When will (US) gasoline hit $4.00/gallon?

Heh, childs play. I’m looking at $4.09/gal for premium just outside my window right now.

$4.00 US average - August 15, 2006.

Premium is already $3.359 here in Maryland, at least at the expensive Exxon station on Rockville Pike.

Bonus prediction:

$5.00 US average - August 15, 2008.

Damn, talk about a bunch of pessimists!

I deliberately put my guess way out into the future just to counter some of you guys… but damn!

Major hurricanes notwithstanding, if it hits $4 in 2006 I’ll… well I’ll do something. :mad:
(but I still won’t sell my SUV :wally )

(it’s a jeep cherokee, it gets 18mpg. We drive maybe 30 miles/week)

Yeah, REGULAR was in the OP. And as a national average, not just in some place where the gas is abnormally high priced like California or Hawaii. So far JC’s link is the best I’ve seen to use as a basis and it only give it as a weekly price, so unless I find a better site with daily tracking average for the nation I’ll use that and we’ll see where the weeks fall. In the case of a tie then I’ll favor the person who picked in that week first, but I’ll be as accomodating as possible.

My guess is July 14th, 2006. Gotta let people drive a lot over the 4th holiday - then slap 'em down hard just when they think they’re safe.

Or we’ll finally switch over to the metric system so that it looks cheaper. After Katrina some older gas stations in PA who’s pumps could go over $3.00/gallon got dispensation to sell gas by the half-gallon.

Or you could start selling your petrol by the litre (which makes more sense than by the gallon, at least to me…)

At the moment petrol is AUD$1.28/litre here, which is about USD$3.60/gallon, I recall someone saying in a different but related thread.

The Australian Economy hasn’t collapsed yet- there will be serious problems when it gets to AUD$3 or $4 per litre, though…

April 19, 2006

I’m going to guess never as well.

Nice try. You lose. :slight_smile:

I’d just like to second 09/09/09 being that 9 is my favorite number.

Check that. Gasoline will by $9.99/gallon by 09//09/09, and $4/gallon by 09/09/06, which, actually, I don’t think is not out of the question.

Gas in my city (in Canada) was $1.149 per liter this morning.

Which works out to $4.35 CAN per gallon.

Way too f’ing much if you ask me.

I still don’t know why my country can’t be more self sufficient when it comes to petroleum.


Don’t you export the stuff? Maybe you need to join OPEC and/or declare Jihad on the USA?

US gallon (3.8 litres) or Canadian (that is, Imperial) gallon (4.5 litres)?


We are not allowed to reduce exports unilaterally, even to conserve fuel for our own use. The only way we can reduce exports is if we reduce domestic use proportionately. Cite:

Well the OP was in the states so US gallon of course.

Well GW Bush doesn’t believe in NAFTA (I’m referring to the $1 Billion+ that the US still owes Canada from illegal tariffs on our softwood lumber imports to the states) so why should we?

And ShibbOleth I believe we are already a member of OPEC…


I knew we could bring softwood lumber into it. :slight_smile:

OPEC = Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Venezuela.

Membership requires just that you be a net exporter, but on their website it says it’s for “developing countries” and I think Canada is well out of the training bra phase.

On what do you base that?

Inflation alone will get it there in about 20 years.

As of 10 seconds ago, Google says that

The station outside my office window in Nisku (home to at least a dozen oil servicing companies, not that it makes a difference) was this afternoon offering 99.7 ¢/l

Note: I’m sure that the price of gasoline, outside of the USA, has already hit $4 per gallon. This contest is not open to the reading comprehension impaired or the helplessly pedantic.

Well, that screws US then.