When you hear "Captain Jack", who do you first think of?


Jack Harkness.

Jack Harkness, although Jack Sparrow pops into my head quickly enough I had to actually think about who came to mind first.

Then the Billy Joel song soon after.

there was some drink a freind used to make called Captain Jack

Uh Daniels?

For me there’s “CaptainJackSparrowwwwwww” and then there’s “Captain Jack (Harkness).”

So it’s Harkness.

Mike Kazaleh’s Captain Jack, of course. Or the song.

Actually, what I thought of first was the Captain Jack flag.

The Billy Joel song pops into my mind first

Billy Joel.

Billy Joel, too.


The Billy Joel song

Harkness, followed quickly by Sparrow.

Captain Jack will get you high tonight.

Billy Joel. And I don’t even like Billy Joel.

Another old fart voting for Billy Joel.

Back in my day, Pirates of the Caribbean was just a ride at Disneyworld. And Tom Baker was Doctor Who.

The song this video features

Billy Joel song here too, then torchwood jack

Me too, on both counts.