When you post a link...

…how do you get the link to read as something other than the URL? Like posting the link to JAXAshby’s home page, but identifying it as Closeups of Jennifer Lopez at the Oscars, to sucker people in.

Closeups of Jennifer Lopez at the Oscars

{url=“http://www.brunching.com”}Closeups of Jennifer Lopez at the Oscars{/url} - change the { and } to [ and ]

Rilchiam…Kat…that’s just wrong, you know?

You know, if I were a merciful Administrator, I’d do something about that link. But I’m not merciful. I like to see the old traditions kept alive.

Kat, you owe me a new esphagous.

Woohoo! Thank you Kat!

Bah, where did you think that link would go? Brunching Shuttlecocks or something? There was a JAXAshby warning in the OP, for gosh sakes! :wink:

You’re welcome, Rilchiam. :slight_smile: