When you wait for sleep

What do you do, as you lie in bed and wait for sleep to overtake you?

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I used to try to be a wake when I fell asleep so I could see what happens. These days, I hope I can get to sleep before I think of doing that again.


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I try not to think about anything. If I start thinking about something, I’ll obsess over it, then I’ll be up for hours.

I used to do that. I’d lie awake for hours. Then I learned this really cool trick: Keep a pen and pad next to the bed and write down the things that come across your mind so you can think of them later. I dunno, it worked for me.

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What metroshane said.

Yer pal,

hehehe <blush> ummmm… Its big long and it goes buzzzzzzzz

Me?? an asshole?? You better believe it!

Heather Lee

I have found a lot of women like to masturbate to help fall asleep. Not so many men though…

Magnificent to behold - Greatly to be praised.

Out like a light!!!

It’s better than therapy.

We’re all here, because we’re not all there!

Nothing beats masturbating to fall asleep. Not even The Bridges of Madison County

Did I write masturbation? I meant to write “a quart of brandy”


O p a l C a t

Masturbation produces brain endorphins which cause your brain to relax, assuming you didn’t have 4 quarts of coffee before bed.

‘hehehe ummmm… Its big long and it goes buzzzzzzzz’

Sounds like my bed, the occassional bumble bee that decides to land in the bed during the day that I find later when I get in bed in the blackness.

I’ve suffered from insomnia my entire life, so naturally I’ve tried just about everything when I’m waiting for the sand-man to arrive (which sometimes takes six hours, if you can imagine that).

I’ve found that one of the best ways to ease into sleep is to try to recall my dreams. This led to a fascinating discovery: when I’m drowsing, I can remember dreams that I had years ago, which I had completely forgotten.

I should warn you that trying to remember dreams (assuming you remember them at all) is like trying to recall “a good joke”. If you try too hard, it’ll never happen. I find that I can “prime the pump” of remembering by recalling a few “stock images” from familiar dreams.

Timothy Campbell
Im with you on that one although I dont have insomnia thank god, I have sleep apnia. and let me tell you that sucks BAD too. going to sleep for 2 hours then your up for the rest of the night. Atleast thats easier to cure then insomnia.

Me?? an asshole?? You better believe it!

Heather Lee

I get on line and read threads like these.

I couldn’t resist (grin)

Read, get up take a pee, go watch an infomercial, read some more, wonder they the hell I am still up, think about how I can possibly deal with people at work with the impending sleepiness I will feel in the morning, have a cigarette, realize it’s four in the freakin morning make a pot of coffee, drink it all while getting on line to read this and the soon to arrive newspaper, realize about 6 in the morning that I am exhausted, go up and try to get 2 hours of sleep but the brain is so loaded with caffeine that I can’t sleep, read some more, get up watch the Today show, feel like crap, dread the day ahead wondering if I can bluff my way out of work (self employed) take 5 pees in the interum, get in the shower, dry, lotion, deodorize, brush teeth then realize the combo of lack of sleep and too much caffiene I can’t put my makeup on cause my body is in revolt, get to work, warn those I didn’t sleep, work for a few hours, get home, stay up as late as possible so as not take a nap and end up waking up at 1:00 in the morning only to go through the routine again.

But then again, the best thing for those nights is helf a sleeping pill.

errrr half…damn, I must be tired

Lately I’ve been sleeping really easily. I dunno if it’s the nicer weather here, or just that I am usually online untl my nose is nudging the keyboard.

But normally I’d read if I can’t sleep. Assuming I had something to read.

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