When you want your chicken really fresh...

“Store wants to shock chickens to death for customers”


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I’m not really sure how the whole “there’s no butchering or slaughtering” thing works. You kill, defeather, and process the chicken for sale, they’re not leaving them entirely whole are they?

I would be totally cool with it, as long as they keep the place clean and disease free. I don’t see the humongous benefit to processing the chickens across town and driving them in.

According to Dave Barry, this is a complete joke compared to Hong Kong. “Which eel would you like, sir?” Splash, grab, whack, chop.

Wasn’t this on an episode of The Simpsons once? They went to a steakhouse where you chose your cow, and they shocked it, then butchered it up for you?

I still can’t pick my own lobster. No way am I picking my own chicken.

I see they ran afoul of local ordinances. :slight_smile:

I envision something like it, drawing a class of people as a entertainment. They make a huge scaled up insect zapper. The customers pick the chicken they want, and fling it at the chicken zapper. The feathers singe off. The meat is cooked. They get their daily entertainment. They can take bets on the side for fastest roaster. Not rooster! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought this was a double post of this thread. But they kill them by shocking, not choking.

I don’t really see the big deal. We’ve gotten absolutely fresh chickens from Chinatown and while I won’t buy them myself nor will I prepare them - they still have their claws and beaks on, eek, they do taste pretty darn good.

Australian man caught with six eggs in underwear by customs.
Did he think that customs wouldn’t stop a man with apparently six extra nuts.