When Your Dreams Are Boring

I had a bad dream last night. It wasn’t scary. It was* tedious.* Which is, in some ways, worse.

I dreamt Hubby and I were packing for a trip. That’s it. I spent the entire dream putting things into the suitcases, deciding what we’d take, and choosing between blouses.

I’ve always been a vivid movie-like dreamer. It’s usually a good thing, because I get story ideas, and sometimes I’m actually entertained by them. I once woke up laughing from a comedic dream. So, imagine watching a two or three hour movie of putting socks in a suitcase, noticing one has a hole and taking it back out in favor of another pair, and selecting OTC medicines-- will we need both aspirin and Ecxedrine? That’s what it was like. The world’s most boring movie.

About a month ago, I dreamt of an artifact I’m cleaning at work. Now, don’t get me wrong-- I like my job. But I don’t think anyone would enjoy watching me do my job, which is what the dream basically amounted to. It felt like I sat there for hours, watching myself delicately brushing dust away with my paintbrush and low-powered vac.

Does that ever happen to you guys, where you have long, boring dreams? Do you wake up feeling vaguely cheated? I know the day after I had the dream about work, I didn’t even feel like going in, because it felt like I’d already done a day’s worth of work.

This has happened to me a couple of times lately, and yes, I feel kind of cheated. I do not appreciate long, boring dreams about washing dishes or sorting laundry! (Brain, listen up here!) Usually my dreams are very surreal and entertaining, so I have been annoyed about the tedious dreams.

I just had to listen to one of these. My friend told me, in detail, about a dream he had about grocery shopping. Apparently it lasted about three hours.

This probably has something to do with the psychedelic drugs I’ve taken in my time, but every one of my dreams is exotic and interesting. That may change as I go longer and longer without partaking, though; after about a year I stopped getting free light shows when I closed my eyes.

OP, but was it your gear you were packing? Perhaps, you’ve got a big life change on the brain. Yah know, get the hell outta Kansas (or was it Dodge). I only dream when I drink, and generally I’ll remember bits and pieces days later. I’ve also scolded people IRL for things they’d done in my dreams… then I’ll pause, stare blanky, and remark “Oooh, maybe I dreamt that, nevermind then”. Doesn’t help the neurosis reputation.

Yeah, been there too with boring dreams. I’m moving in a week, and all I’ve dreamt about lately is real estate agents, moving vans, leaving shit behind… ya know…

When i work before bed, I dream that I am coding all night. And I keep coding the same damn thing over and over again.

So it sucks because this means I coded 8 hours, took a break, coded some more hours, went to sleep and coded for 8 hours there, then got up to code for 8 more hours.

Boring as hell - and it makes me sleepy to boot!

I don’t often have tedious dreams, but sometimes I’ll get “lost in the details” which distract me from what the dream is about. For example, I’ll go to a buffet restaurant and see a beautiful woman across the room – our eyes meet, and I just know, we are meant to wind up together. So I move through the buffet line, thinking about how wonderful this new romance will be, as I fill my plate with roast beef, fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, corn on the cob, spring peas w/ baby onions, baked beans, baby-back pork ribs, pot roast w/ horseradish & au jus, cornbread & honey butter, chocolate milk, spring rolls, fried shrimp, stuffed jalapenos, steak fajitas, refried beans & mexican rice, strawberry jello, gummi bears, tuna fish on rye sandwiches, followed by a salad with romane lettuce, spinach, garbanzo beans, bacon bits, green onions, crutons, ten kinds of salad dressing, feta cheese, pinto beans, radish slices, and a vanilla sundae topped with hot fudge, sprinkles, chopped walnuts, crumbled-up cookie things, cherries, butterscotch, fried banana slices…

I do this too, but I find it interesting, personally. I like those “thought loops” and to frankly, going back to the psychedelics, getting lost in details was one of the best parts.

Man, I hate that! 90% of my dreams as a kid ended with me ALMOST getting on the spaceship/eating the giant sundae/going to the super mega amusement park. Grrrrr!

Are your dreams so boring they put you to sleep?

I’ve never had a boring dream. Not that I can recall, at least. Maybe they did put me to sleep, or at least wipe my mind. I have had annoying and repetitive fever dreams when I’ve been ill, but that’s different.

Nope. Hubby and I had talked about going on a trip right before we went to bed, and I think I must have fallen asleep thinking about it. Sadly, instead of dreaming of all of the fun stuff, I ended up packing a suitcase all night.

When I mentioned it to Hubby, he told me that he sometimes has “planning dreams.” Once, he dreamt of our retirement portfollio, calculating interest rates and reinvested dividends all night.

*But I don’t know, my dreams are vicious
We could still end up with the great big fishes *

Repetitive dreams are truly annoying. Thankfully, I used have them alot more as child.
As for boring dreams, I find listening to someone elses dreams one of the most boring things in the world! I mean your telling me a story that, not only never actually happened, usually doesn’t make any sense!!! Why not just babble on incoherently for five minutes. It will have the same effect.
My wife loves telling me about her dreams. I listen with feigned interest, because I don’t have the heart to tell her how I really feel about it. It seems to bring her so much enjoyment. Oh well, small price to pay

My dreams are never boring. Just last week I had a terrible dream that my husband had been cheating on me and had a baby with another woman. I beat the crap out of both of them, and then spent the rest of the dream trying to escape from zombies. Did you know that a camera flash can temporarily disable zombies? Well, it can. I got my husband back the next night, when I dreamed that I left him for a man who looked exactly like Shemar Moore. Yummy.

I usually don’t have boring dreams exactly. I do dream about work sometimes and that’s usually just bad. The dreams that really get to me lately are the frustrating ones. I usually have to try to save the city from an all out attack (bombs, invading army, the whole nine yards). Or I have to find something desparetely important and nobody knows what it is or where. Oh, and nothing works right. For example: I get in a car, start driving and all of a sudden I can’t control the steering or brakes. It will go on for hours it seems. Nothing working quite right, but almost. I wake up feeling like I never went to bed at all. Grrr.

I dream about coding a lot too.

The worst ones are where I dream about walking a MIB that describes the status of my laundry room, or something equally stupid. Nothing as exciting as SNMP dreams.

I dream about normal mundane things with weird moments. Last night I dreamed that a friend Mike had to tell me something important. So he comes in my office and as he sits down, I wonder if he’s hungry… cause he’s a vampire and all. He tells me to apply for a supervisory job and leaves. I proceed to start filling out the paperwork.

So this morning Mike comes into my office and I just stare at him. I couldn’t figure out why I felt weird until we start talking about not getting a promotion. “Yep you totally should have gotten that job… Hey wait a sec… You’re not a vampire, are you?” :smack:
And my repetitive dreams? Cataloging soil samples, all night long. I even wake up tired.

I worked in a bookstore for a year and a half when I first graduated from college. When I started there, I had a number of dreams about shelving books. They were so dull that a couple times I managed to wake myself up, just to escape the boredom.

It’s now been five years since I worked there, but I still regularly have dreams about the store. Just last night I dreamt I was rearranging the display tables. Very dull.

I can’t think of any boring ones I’ve had, but I have my share of frustrating ones. The most common frustrating dream I’ll have is that I have superpowers, but can’t get them to work right. Like that I can fly, but can’t quite manage to get it to happen or I can shoot electric jolts from my fingers (like Sith style force lightning) but I end up concentrating and squeezing my hand and barely even feel a spark. It’s really damn annoying to spend a whole dream TRYING to fly because I can but not being able to.