When your long time hairdresser does a crappy job-tell her?

I am torn. She’s always been great, and she should be at about $250 a visit, which includes a tip. I see her only about 3X a year, since all we’re doing is adding some highlights while I let the grey grow in. (Not fighting THAT losing battle anymore!)
But this last time, ugh. Weird thick streaks, and IDK what she did, but no cut to speak of.
Now, I don’t see to what end I would complain. To get a free do-over? Wouldn’t she be resentful?? And the relationship going forward? I’ve been getting new recs for someone, from women whose hair I like going thru the same thing. That are not nearly as spendy.

What would you do?

If you can get what you want for less, then I say go for it. This is not a friendship, and plays by different rules.

But I’ve always thought the worst thing you can do to someone is walk away without telling them why. Even if she can’t fix it, and growing out your grey means $250 is more than you need to spend, it’s still worthwhile to let her know you don’t like what she left you with this time. You should give her the chance to fix it, or at least apologize, and leave it on a good note.