When your musical tastes do a complete 180

I used to LOVE They Might Be Giants. I had all their albums and always enjoyed their quirkiness.

Now every time I hear them do ANY song, even the ones I loved before, it’s like an icepick in my temple. I now hate them so much that I threw their albums away.

In my entire life, this is the only band I’ve ever had that much of a first positive, then completely negative reaction to (well, REM to a lesser extent, but let’s not go there).

I used to hate country,now I listen to it and love it.
I don’t,however,listen to new stuff,just the old classics.

I used to listen to exclusivly musicals, until one night I discovered punk rock.

I want to hear about this night.

I add to my musical tastes, but have never strayed from my first love, Classical.

I used to work at a place where (too long to explain here) I sometimes kinda had to play music on either TV or radio. I had a choice between the radio, MTV, and the Country videos station. I chose the Country station. The thought of MTV made my brain freeze.

I found that I liked a few Country songs. I looked forward to this one song by the Oak Ridge Boys. Really. I was a nice song. But I have no idea of I’d like any other Oak Ridge Boys songs, I haven’t really bothered to find out.

I used to listen exclusively to radio static (AM band static is very interesting, moreso than FM static), but now I listen to my respiration (I prefer it best when I have a runny nose).

What? Yes, Miss Nurse-Lady, I have been keeping up on my medications…

{laughs maniacally}

If you haven’t already, I suggest checking out “Punk Side Story” by Schlong. It’s (if the title wasn’t enough of a give away) every song on West Side Story, performed by a punk band. Some songs are terrible, but “Maria” and “Somewhere” are real good.

I used to not only like Randy Travis’ music, I actually had a thing for him.

Now I cringe to remember it, don’t enjoy his music, and think he looks like a huge goof. I just gave myself the willies thinking abouthim. Ugh. And to think I used to croon along to that gag-o-riffic song about about his grandfather “I thought that he walked on water.”

I have been a life-long Neil Diamond fan and that will never change, though.

I’m 48 now and listen entirely to western AND eastern classical music.
In my twenties I was a hard core rocker. An older fellow worker told me that as I got older my taste in music would change. He said I would still enjoy the rock and roll that I grew up with but I would try different music.
I didn’t believe him.
Damn, I thought I would love Alice Cooper forever.

I remember my high school years. I didn’t listen to any music until I hit 8th grade. This was about the same time that Nirvana and Pearljam hit it big. That was what I listened to. (And I still do, that music kicks ass.)

A little bit after that my older brother introduced me to Ministry. After that I found Nine Inch Nails. I was in a Rage Against the Machine angry mode for most of the years after that.

Then I found the Beatles, which is an essential for anyone in their music education.

But now I’ve reached the point where I appreciate music in and of itself, minus all the “cool” of what it represents.

This is all a long way of getting around to the fact that I’ve been listening to REO Speedwagon and finding their music quite rocking.

Throw your freakin’ tomatoes.