Where are Info on Demand services for pagers?

Are there free 2way pager information sites out there?
The only one I could find was www.hz.com which has limited info avail (Weather, Stock info, Area code, Address, Jokes) Are there any that can be setup to show Movie listing at a particular theatre? Or real time traffic reports? Per the instruction manual with my Motorola T900, Oracle use to have a site at www.OracleMobile.com but sadly is no longer valid.
I searched Google with no luck.

Oh by the way, the T900 Motorola pager comes already subscribed with the www.datacastnews.com Classic service. I find most of this info uselsess.

There simply has not been a lot of effort put in to the development of pagers since cell phones became commonplace. While the newer two-way pagers are certainly capable of it (since they can transmit), it just has not been done in an easy to use fashion. hz.com is simply a hack that sends a response based on key words - while it works fine, it is hard to remember all the codes and what not.

All of this is really too bad, since I much prefer pagers than cell phones, due to their less intrusive behaviour. I am particularly upset that they did not continue with the voice pager trend as well - where people could call and leave a voice message, and you could play their message on your pager. Like a personal, portable, answering machine.

Bottom line is that pager use will continue to drop, and so will the options. There is not enough market to go after to develop new stuff.

I also found Pocket Genie, but who the heck wants to pay for it? :smack:
Free! the word should be FREE! :wink:

I don’t see how those features are unique to pagers. Cell phones can do the same thing: If you want it to be less intrusive, put it on vibrate, or turn off the ringer entirely. If you want a portable answering machine, use voice mail.

I work at a paging service and pager use definitely isn’t declining here. We mostly do paging for real estate and just in this small area alone (Vancouver Island) there are over 1000 real estate agents. They don’t want to keep every single realtor’s name and info in their cellphone address books. Numbers change too often and realtors jump from company to company all the time. 1000 people trying to keep track of 1000 things makes for a million mistakes if you ask me. It’s much easier to have the information stored centrally. Pagers keep these folks in business so I don’t think they’ll be following the Dodo anytime soon.

I don’t think you see the point. With a cell phone, I have to call in to get my messages, rather than just getting them on the fly. Also, most cell phones are a pain in the ass to type messages on.

Hmm. I see.

Yeah, I think I am an oddball, but I loved my old motorola voice pager. It would just play the message when a page came in, as well as save it so I could replay it. Cell phones, if one doesn’t answer them, require the user to use their minutes to get their message (typically). And it usually takes a minute or two to dial in, navigate the menues, etc.

Whereas, say I had a voice pager, I can just be driving down the road and hear “Hey, beltbuckle, this is Mrs. Beltbuckle - can you pick me up a widget from the widget factory? thanks!”. No interaction needed on my part to get the message.