Where are the Best of Horror Fiction lists?

I’ve been meaning to ask this for a long time - every time a list of the “Best Speculative Fiction” or “Best Genre Fiction Books” comes up, they always do okay (or at least give you cause for debate) on fantasy and sci fi, but they give short shrift to horror. They always have I Am Legend, in other words.

So where are the lists of great horror literature? I’ve read I Am Legend, I’ve read Lovecraft, I’ve read Dracula and Frankenstein and all those, I’ve read plenty of things about sexy goth vampires, I’ve read Stephen King and Clive Barker and Peter Straub. Oh, and Poppy Z. Brite. But who is the Cordwainer Smith of horror? I realize that genres often blend quite a bit in speculative fiction (This interesting list is a sci-fi list with some excellent books on it, now under discussion in another thread, which has I Am Legend, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Frankenstein, horror mainstays all), but surely there is good, less mainstream horror that I’m unaware of - older and newer. Are there some good lists around to discuss and point in the right direction? If not, can we make one?

Kim Newman’s Horror: the 100 Best Books (1988) is an excellent guide.

Unfortunately, since horror is regarded as rather lowly in the publishing industry (unless you’re someone who sells big, like King or Rice, etc.), and the amount published each year is somewhat meager, lists are typically small and hard to come by. However, one notable list is the yearly award winners for the Bram Stoker Awards. Also, Dark Echo has many links to lists and is a nice general resource to horror publishing related information.

There is plenty of good, non-mainstream horror out there. I like works by Ligotti, Ramsey Campbell, early Kathy Koja, Clark Ashton Smith, Lovecraft, some Derleth. You have to dig around. Plenty of people on this board like horror and will offer suggestions. I just finished the recent A Prayer For The Dying by Stewart O’Nan, a good book that has some really disturbing things going on in it, though I don’t know if it would be categorized as “horror” per se, but it certainly made me cringe a number of times.

This might also be linked from the Dark Echo site mentioned above –
http://www.oceanstar.com/horror/80list.htm – takes you to Fiona Webster’s list of best horror, beginning with the 80’s. I haven’t read all of her choices, but the ones I’ve read have been satisfying.

I second the recommendation of the Newman book.

If you’re serious about starting a list here, please include Burnt Offerings by Robert Marasco.
mrunlucky, the O’Nan book creeped me out so bad, I couldn’t keep it in the house. !!

If we’re doing recommendations, may I humbly suggest Joe R. Lansdale?

And you can also add Mr. Newman to your list of must read Horror Authors.

Dung Beetle – what Lansdale would you include? The Drive-In books and a lot of short stories, but what else? (I’m just curious – I have a lot of Lansdale, but not much of it qualifies as straight horror.) Nightrunners?