Where are the reality show winners?

Of the reality shows where the prize is a career, where are the winners? Whatever happened tp the American Idol, America’s Top Model, and The Last Comic Standing? Shouldn’t they be on TV, magazines, and advertisements by now? Wasn’t fame supposed to be part of the prize package? Unless you followed the contests, you wouldn’t even know who won. Considering that those who did watch the shows know the top 5 as well as the winner, is there even a benefit to having won first place?

I can’t speak to the other shows, but the American Idol winners are doing quite well. Kelly Clarkson’s (first AI winner) album went platinum, and she has appeared on the T.V. show American Dreams as well as numerous talk shows. She also appeared on the cover of pretty much every magazine in existence. This year’s AI winner, Ruben Studdard, will release his album in November, and has also appeared on dozens of magazine covers. Here he is on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Reality show losers are ground into hamburger and fed to the contestants on Fear Factor.

If you have cable, Bravo will be repeating The Reality of Reality which from the snippets I’ve seen goes a little bit into a “where are they now” mode.

AI=0ne’s winner and runner-up, Kelly and Justin, made that wretched movie together. AI-Two’s runner-up, Clay Aiken, has an album either out or coming out (unlike Clay, who apparently is neither out nor coming out).

Ralphie May, the intensely polarizing runner-up from “Last Comic,” is on “Hollywood Squares” this week.

I think this statement says it all, folks.

There they are, basking in the Maui sun, their debt to society paid in full…Whitman, Price and Hadat!"

A bunch of former Big Brother houseguests are going to be on “Yes Dear” October 20.