Where are the super secret weapons?

I see what you did there!

Drones have largely replaces the SR-71 as all the SR-71 was intended to do was recon (they did make some missiles for it later). Also, the latest satellites are multi-spectral and can see much better through much more cloud cover. Back when the SR-71 was originally conceived satellite imagery was basically non-existent as high-resolution sensors and the ability to transmit said information was not available at the time.

Another HUGE DoD commitment is the VA. Off the top of my head, it’s like 52% of the DoD budget is for the VA: education benefits, retirement benefits, etc. Then, you have the next largest item: active duty personnel which is then probably followed by maintenance items. By the time you are done, you are left with a rather small amount to develop secret weapons “en masse”.

I also worked as an intern for a company that did systems engineering for DARPA. DARPA spends a lot of money in R&D and most R&D efforts are just that: R&D. Rarely does something that can be used “today” or even “tomorrow” occur. I’m not saying that the money is wasted, it’s not. It’s just that the reality of investing into new technology is nowhere near as fruitful as the general public thinks.

Not quite. The VA funding has nothing to do with the DoD budget. The VA is a separate cabinet-level agency.

About one-quarter of the DoD budget is pay and benefits for troops. About 40% is operations and maintenance, 20% is procurement of weapons, and 13% is R&D, and there are a few other little pots of money to make of the remainder.

From what I understand and read and there other members here that know a lot more about this can say more. The reason we don’t have lasers guns ,star trek phasers guns ,ray guns ,plasma guns and other energy guns like in video games and movies is mostly material science problem and power problem.

No battery can hold that much power in a handheld gun and even if you had magic battery like a quantum battery where we are no where close to making even in lab in 50 years from now!! The gun would explode in your face because of the energy needed. So you will need some new material science to manufacturer a gun that is lightweight to carry in your hand but strong enough so it does not explode in your face .And no such material science is out there or know how to make such a lightweight gun but very strong.

Almost certainly technology demonstration and testing. Now of course, the question is “what technology?” Some of it is probably surveillance: many of the orbits it took were similar to what you’d expect for that sort of thing.

In any case, it’s probably nice being able to send something into space, test it for 2 years, then be able to bring it down and study it on the ground.

Funny how we are getting heat wave guns , large sound device and microwave guns and no Hollywood writer or gamer came up with that:eek::eek:

All Non-Lethal Weapons.

It is same reason you will never see army soldiers in heavy body armor.

Like in movies and video games in heavy body armor that looks like you are more in the future like this http://www.scmp.com/sites/default/files/styles/980w/public/2013/10/12/955fd6e59a2add18d83ce59d9c973ac1.jpg?itok=ez1Q8m6V

or http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7a/Future_Soldier_2030.jpg

or http://khongthe.com/wallpapers/videogames/ghost-recon-future-soldier-218293.jpg

The heavy body armor does not stop a gunshot wound at all.That is why we don’t use it and use bulletproof vests like http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/91/FileArmy_IOTV.jpg

It works but less futuristic.

Adjusting Aural Warfighting Capabilities of our Railguns to enhance effectiveness.

Is it possible to have a supercavitating submarine?

Maybe. But I’m not holding my breath.

I have a super secret weapon that is both silent and deadly and I will deny all knowledge of its use. But I will admit that it requires the consumption of potato salad made with sour cream and eggs in advance of its planned usage.

I’m sure they have some new secret weaponry!! But it is probably not want the OP wants and video games like Doom and Halo more want he wants.

I’m sorry but army soldiers will never look like hdwallpapers.be

Yes they look mean and tough but Kevlar and spider silk is future not big think body armor.

Get the bad guy to go with knives and sticks and you will see army soldiers looking more like Halo.

Worth noting, that’s just the basic vest. They have various add-ons that improve protection but increase weight and make it less comfortable to move around in. When i was deployed, there was a sort of codpiece that attached to the front like a ballistic mud flap to protect your future generations (it wouldn’t stop a bullet, but most things that soldiers need armor to protect against on the battlefield aren’t bullets; shrapnel, splinters, and flying bits of rock kicked around by near misses and explosions are far more common). There were also shoulder pieces that served a similar purpose for your upper arms, and I know the Marines were experimenting with a ballistic faceplate that pretty much everyone seemed to hate (it would protect your mouth, but it made it a hell of a lot less comfortable and it made you look kind of stupid).

And of course, they have been working on ballistic shorts made from various materials to protect troops from things like landmines.

EDIT: One more note: The ballistic vests won’t stop a bullet either, unless it’s a low-powered round (think 9mm) and if you’re having a particularly good day (I mean, not a great day, on a great day you probably wouldn’t be getting shot at all). To stop bullets, you have to insert these heavy duty armor plates into pockets inside the vest. They’re rated to stop most rifle rounds, but they only guarantee the first shot. If the guy shoots you a second time before you get to cover, there’s no warranty.

But that’s the best answer to the OP - there are “bullet-proof” vests (accessories extra) that the average grunt can wear. That’s relatively new. I know in Vietnam there was no such thing. I don’t recall if it was standard issue by the first Gulf War (1993) but it was by the second one.

Like the internal combustion engine, the chemical bullet compacts the most “bang for the buck” (literally) into the best package and minimal complications. It avoids the common side effect of most tech, that repairs and downtime are more common than reliable operating time.

There are a few other handy technologies - encrypted radios are nice, but in general the more complex the encryption, the less likely a signal is intelligible in marginal conditions. Satellite phones mean you are less likely to be out of range of communications. The US has this handy targeting device. It locates your position via GPS, so a spotter can pinpoint “1250 yards from me bearing 243 degrees” and transmit target coordinates to the plane at 50,000 feet (or a drone) which will then drop a guided bomb within a foot of that spot. However, as some troops found in Afghanistan, RTFM; the batteries died, they changed them. Reboot reset the target to current location and then the bombs dropped. As Time Magazine put it, “it was at this point the Afghan allies realized that for all their high tech, the Americans were not infallible.”

Also remember the horror expressed by the press when they discovered that in the first Gulf War, US mine-clearing tanks simply dropped blade and ploughed up the top two feet of sand when approaching Iraqi positions. Any Iraqis who did not run away, were - horrors! - buried alive. As one general said, “What? It would be more humane to blow them to pieces first?”

They should be glad that the flail minesweeper tanks went out of style. I hear those had a remarkable demoralizing effect on German defenders.

I have to admit they’re pretty scary-looking while flailing away.

A charge by a ragtag group of 15 Vikings is probably more viscerally scary coming at you than a charge by 50 modern US infantrymen even though the infantry is dozens of times more lethal.

There was a battle in Iraq in 2004 IIRC where a group of Scottish troops decided on a bayonet charge after they were running low on ammo. Turns out that a bunch of Scotsmen in body armor running at you with bayonets affixed is enough to take the fight out of anyone.

Israel already deploys Flechette bombs against civilians.

Not so much with the sooper-dooper secrecy.

If you read your super secret memos, then you’d know the super secret weapons are in the super secret base.

Probably some thing more like this light armor http://conduitprojects.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/SC01.jpg
Big mesh under it.

And if you want better armor not the plastic you see in movies and video games like http://www.scmp.com/sites/default/files/styles/980w/public/2013/10/12/955fd6e59a2add18d83ce59d9c973ac1.jpg?itok=ez1Q8m6V

Or http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7a/Future_Soldier_2030.jpg

You will need some thing like this sorta of big like a space suit http://majikthise.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/halosuit.jpg

For it to work!! But than you would not be able to run and could not walk much and get tired.And have to stop and rest a lot. It would be hard to move in.

And soldier will really hate it being very uncomfortable and hard to move in.