Where are these banyan trees?

From a scene in episode 1x18 of I Am Frankie.

I’ve never heard of the show, but Wikipedia says it’s produced in Miami and according to Google there are arboretums and botanical gardens in the area. So I’d start with one of those if I were you.

I don’t recognize that location, but we have those trees down here in Lee Co. FLA.

My guess is here at the dude ranch.
Above the sea.


If it is Miami, then there is a good chance it is Coral Gables. But it can be other ficus too - banyan is just one type.

Yeah, I was gonna guess it was near the old Miami Science Museum with the planetarium that used to do the laser shows, which was across the street from Vizcaya, which is in Coral Gables. But the truth is that’s just a guess based on the “feel” of what little can be seen in the background. There are shitloads of such trees in the area.

My guess was Coconut Grove, which is pretty much the Coral Gables area. It looks familiar, but I know not where.

My guess was the banyan in front of the old courthouse in Fort Myers.

It is the Lee County court house at Fort Myers in the background,
and a similar looking Banyan is in a park in front of that court house.


I don’t think that’s right. Here is that tree on Street View and the surroundings don’t look right at all. Why do you think the background shows the court house? It doesn’t look similar to me - the screenshot seems to show a modern building with an angled wall on the right.

I love a good geolocation challenge, but I’m drawing a blank on this so far.

I walk past the Ft Myers tree every week day and that’s not it in the OP. There’s too much grass around the tree in the OP and there are some kind of ground lights. There’s no parking in the background in real life from that angle and the tree is too close to the street which is itself not large enough to be either Monroe Street or Second Street. There’s a road gate behind the tree which leads me to think they are in a city park rather than in front of a Courthouse.

It looks like that might be a high school in the background. Something about the area behind the tree on the left - open but utilitarian, possibly a flag pole - suggests school. And given that the show is about high school students, the setting would make sense.

Ya know, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that were somewhere on the grounds of the University of Miami.

Every time somebody suggests a possible location I do some Google Image Search browsing using key words from that (so far, not positive hits) but I do keep running into the image from this story, which is pretty funny.

As for the purpose of the original request, I simply thought it was a cool looking tree and hoped to find more images of it (especially from other angles.) I thought it would be more distinctive, not realizing that that there are approximately 127 billion banyan trees in the general area.

Well if you’re cruising Google images, don’t miss the banyans on Old Cutler Road.

Cool. Reminds me of Botany Bay Road on Edisto Island, SC (which you can travel down via Google Street View.)