Where are you now? dot com

Somewhat idle curiosity: does anyone know anything about this site?

The reason I ask is I’m wondering about some asshole from my past who has, twice, “left me a message” through this site. I have no desire to have any contact with this guy, and haven’t communicated with him for years. Over the last year or so, it seems he’s discovered social media, and keeps hitting me up with every social network’s version of a friend request – he even found me on Twitter. At first I thought that he was just using the “find your friends” feature which scans his address book for matches, in which case he probably doesn’t even remember that I’m in his address book anymore.

However, not knowing anything about Where Are You Now, I’m wondering if he really has left me a message there, or if the system just lies about that in order to get you to sign up, and he basically once again just used the generic friend-finder. Because if he really did actively choose to write me a message, then it would appear that he’s actively stalking me across the internet, and not twigging to the fact that my silence/blocking him means I want nothing to do with him. If it’s a generic friend-finder message, then he’s an idiot who should update his address book, but nothing more sinister than that.

At this point he’s annoying, but not much else. I’m just wondering how much attention I should pay this, if any.

ETA: to clarify, I’m not a member of Where Are You Now, and have no plans to sign up for it, to read his messages or otherwise. The site emailed me with the “your friend sent you a message! Go here to read it!” thing to my regular email address.

I’d go for generic friend-finder, and WAYN lying, based on my experience with them. Somehow they got my email address and will not stop sending me messages, telling me various people I haven’t spoken to in about ten years are sending me messages through this internal messaging system.

If it were true and the people who apparently desperately want to get in contact with me actually did, they would a) have realised that I’m not going to talk to them through WAYN and b) worked out another way to more directly get in touch. I’m not that hard to find online!