Where are your glasses; or Brain Farts I Have Known

I’m 75. It will.

I think I dial my wife’s number more often to help her find her phone than I do to actually talk to her!

When I was 17 (!) I was once doing my homework at my desk and started searching my pencil. I had it in my hand. As I did not find it, I put it in my mouth and lifted the notepad I was writing to see if it was below. It wasn’t. So I laid the notebook down, took the pencil of my mouth and kept on searching. That went on for a while.

It has for me. I’m 56.

I always lock the door when I am inside because that means I have to have the key to get out. Locking yourself out is very expensive where I live (Someday I will Pit those locksmiths that charge 400€ for 30 second of work).

Is that you, Bourne?

Quickly googling something just to forget it immediately. Google it again.

Been there, done that. And not just in the morning…

Have you ever thought of teaching the parrot to remind you to count the dogs?

@Pardel-Lux Hey, Syd Barrett, cool!

I knew that tune but I forgot . . .

Me too, but even more disturbingly I’ve started having the reverse problem with place names. Lets say we’re planning to go out somewhere for a mooch around.

Mrs T: We could go and have a look around Ditchling?

Me: Ahhh…

{ Jesus - Ditchling - where is that? Do we go through there on the way to somewhere else? Where would we be going? Are there any pubs there? We had lunch in a pub there. Who did we have lunch with? J&L? No that was that other place - what’s it called? No, shit, that one doesn’t matter - Ditchling - pub lunch - it was with… with… with… D&G? Yes? Yes! D&G - so we’d been on a walk? Where? Oh, for chrissakes, where… the Chattri? Jesus, yes the Chattri, and Jack and Jill - that was the other place, but it’s just along from Ditchling - Vera Lynn - the vineyard - thank God for that }

Me (with as much composure as I can muster): …yeah, sure. We could park by Jack and Jill and have a stroll round there…

Honestly, this happens all the time now, with places we go to all the time.


(If anyone is interested:
The Chattri
Jack and Jill)

I called Mr Rebo “Bob” yesterday. It was really just a nonsense sound that came out of my mouth, as his name isn’t Bob. I don’t even know a Bob. I think I was trying to say “babe.” He was slightly perturbed - but I bet he’ll forget about it if he hasn’t already. His memory is worse than mine!


I love this thread. It makes me feel better!

I already told that I worked as super in 80’s. I also locked myself in every time not because I forgot my keys very often but because I was the one who opens the doors if someone has forgotten they keys I didn’t have an easy backup if I forgot mine. So my door automatically locked when closed(1) itself so that I needed a key to open it.

One day I need an expert on to the problem I have. Can’t remember if it was an electrician or a plumber but that does not matter. When he examined what the situation was he told me that he must phone the office to get something and did I have a phone he could use. I told that I have a comppany line in my apartment that he could use. We went to my apartment and I opened the door and went in first he came in second and closed the door. With my key dangling outside in the lock as I had tought that he just calls and we get out.

Ok, he made his call and after that I called two of my neighbours. The second was home and she was quite perplexed when I asked her to open my door. Finally she understood the situation and let us out of my apartment.

(1) Such locking is no longer possible in Finland as it has been shown to be dangerous if there’s fire. People have died because they didn’t have time to unlock the door to get out.


My routine when entering my home is to lock the door immediately from the inside and leave the key stuck in the lock. So I have to grab the key to open the door when I want to leave, thus avoiding locking me out, but the key is right there where I need it, I do not have to search it, so I hope to be able to leave in case of an emergency like fire.
Actually, I hope there is no fire at all.

We have a code panel to unlock our single family home. Never a need for a key. BUT - if the battery dies you need the key, which is on my car key fob.

We live in a neighborhood with grouped mailboxes. One day a policeman stopped by to ask me to come look to see if the keys that were left in our mailbox were ours. I called up my husband to make fun of / bitch at him for leaving his keys in the mailbox. :smiley:

Another time Mr Rebo found someone else’s keys in the mailbox and returned them to them. Apparently it’s a common thing!

Funny you should mention it. I’ve been on the board a lot this week but the text gets hard to read as the day turns to night. “What can I do to make everything clearer and end the headaches?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, maybe my eyeglasses will help.”

They do. :flushed:

You’re lucky. I’ve always been a bit nearsighted (20/40) but now presbyopia has set in to the point that I need outdoor-strength light and a lot of squinting to read anything 10-pts or smaller. No glasses is not an option.