Where are your glasses; or Brain Farts I Have Known

I just spent five minutes looking for my glasses–only to realize that they were on top on my head. I had pupped them up on top for some reason, and completely forgot that they were there. I looked here and there, kitchen, living room, den, where were they? Then I touched my scalp–oh, right. Duh!

What similar brain farts have you had recently?

Not terribly recent, but there was one time I was driving down the freeway, the only person in the 199x car (much too old to not require an ignition key).

I freaked out because I thought I’d forgotten my keys.

I was about to go out, when I thought I had mislaid my front door key. (I keep it in a specific place to avoid losing it, of course.)
I searched the entire house (and every pocket etc.)
Then I noticed I had left it in the inside of the front door lock…

It’s not recent, but when I was still living with my parents, I was alone downstairs in my room, listening to some music. I was expecting some friends to come over, and wasn’t sure I’d hear the bell ring; so I thought, better go check. Thus, I trundled upstairs, opened the front door, reached for the bell button… and slowly thought… Wait, how did I think that would work, exactly?

There was also one I pulled the day DH broke his leg at work. By the time I was finally headed home, it was after midnight and I’d probably been awake since about 5am for a rather chaotic day. Stopped to feed the car (2016 model year). DH maintains a fuel logbook in the car, so I had to leave the key in accessory to record the odometer reading.

Finished fueling and recording info. Released parking brake, put car in Drive. Nothing happened.

It finally percolated through the exhausted panic that actually turning the key and starting the engine would be helpful.

When I was a (not very young) child, I once got as far as lifting the toilet lid before realising I was not in the laundry room, and the dirty clothes I was holding definitely didn’t belong in there.

I’ve done this.

I’ve also wondered what I’ve done with my wallet. While it’s in my hand.

I’ve done similar things, but I can’t think of any examples right now because my brain can’t find the memories. I did, however, see this “Rhymes with Orange” comic strip yesterday which I think fits here.

I’ll be on my cell phone, and freak out that I can’t find my phone. :frowning:

I once took the trashbag to the can, a walk of some 100 meters, got distracted and walked by the can to the mailbox, opened the mailbox and for a second I was confused by how much of a challenge it would be to fit that bag in that box.

I also once started moving things around in the fridge to fit the pot from the coffee maker in, a bit annoyed since it had obviously just come out from there so there should be an empty spot for it, only to realize I was thinking of the milk carton I’d just placed on the counter.

Neither of those are recent, but my wife filled a small glass halfway with ice coffee this morning and then poured the milk she was gonna add into a different glass.

Oh, and for things I usually have in my pockets, keys, money, phone I frequently start looking frantically for them, having realized they are not in my pockets, when the place they are is my hand.

Several years ago I took a road trip from Michigan to Florida with my 2 kids, age 7 and 10 at the time, to visit my sister and her family. Once in Florida, we stopped at a rest stop area that was in-between the north and south bound lanes of the highway. This wasn’t just a bathroom break style rest stop, it was a big complex that contained several restaurants and stores. We got some lunch and took care of other rest stop things.

When we went to get back on the road, my Jeep was gone. I looked all over the lot, but I remembered the specific corner of the lot I had parked in, so I knew I didn’t just forget where I parked. I got to the point where I moved past the panicky feeling of “my Jeep and all our stuff is gone what do I do?!?” and began to plan my next moves-- I’ll have to call the police, report my vehicle stolen, then call a cab to a car rental place, or maybe just call my sister to come get us-- but she was still about 100 miles away.

Then I noticed the porch-style entrance/exit we had come out of. When we first entered, there had been a guy on the porch area selling bags of Florida oranges. He wasn’t there anymore. It suddenly clicked–both sides of the complex and its two parking lots on each side were perfectly symmetrical and identical. We had exited out of the wrong side of the building.

Tired hungry and it’s late, we’re grilling hamburgers. Their done and on to assembly, the fries and drinks. Ww chowed down, I said " something different about those hamburgers." My daughter day’s yeah you’re right and my husband says I agree, something is different. I said, "I no I did the same thing I always do and my husband said I didn’t do anything different.

So a few minutes later I pick up the dishes and head into the kitchen and sitting on top of thw stove qas all the hamburger patties. I assembled them and forgot to put the patties along with the rest of the burger.
Yet we couldn’t quite figure out what what different.

I have made tuna casserole… and forgot to add the tuna.

I know exactly where you were; please tell me you didn’t get in the car and head back the way you came? :grin:

When I go to work in the morning I bring three dogs and a parrot with me. When I go home I bring everyone home with me. Except for a couple of times when I left a dog at work. Both of those trips I got home, pulled into the garage, opened my Jeeps tailgate, then wondered where the third dog was for an embarrassingly long time.

Yeah, and I didn’t figure it out until I saw the “Welcome to Georgia” sign :laughing:

No, fortunately there were no more major brain farts on that particular trip.

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I did that, too. Except I apparently was a slower child than you. In my defense, toilet and laundry bin were right next to each other.

One morning, I first forgot to add the grounds to the coffee maker, and made me a nice pot of hot water; then I added the grounds and switched it on again, only to realize that I’d forgotten to pour the water back into the tank…

I have, on more than one occasion, attempted to unlock the door of my house by pressing a button on my car key. :smiley: