Had a senior moment today and it almost made me cry

I was taking the blades off the riding mower for sharpening and was wearing a pair of work gloves. Got the blades off and scraped a bunch of accumulated grass out of the underside of the deck. Took the blades over to my rigged up blade sharpening setup where I intended to sharpen them as usual with an electric angle grinder with a rubber pad and a sanding disk. I sat down with the grinder and thought “hey, best put the gloves back on for this.” I started looking for the gloves I had been wearing minutes before and it was as if they had vanished from the face of the earth! I looked everywhere I had been and then everywhere I hadn’t been. Nothing. For some reason it really bothered me and I was thinking “Damn, is this how things are going to be now?” Looked and looked and looked. Not that I was lacking for work gloves. I had at least 3 pairs of the same exact gloves, still in the plastic bags. It was the fact that I couldn’t remember where I had put those damn gloves, minutes before.
Eh…turns out I put them on the tank of my motorcycle which was feet away from the mower. Don’t know how I missed them. The whole thing just depressed the hell out of me for a while. I misplace stuff fairly often, not sure why this time got to me like that.

Look at it this way: at least they weren’t still on your hands when you misplaced them.

As if the universe wanted to make me feel young again, as I was taking a shower tonight I discovered a huge high school style zit on my neck. Haven’t experienced that for a while!

This is what I was anticipating.

You are not alone. I’m generally really careful where I put things down, and as often as possible I have a usual place for specific items, or at least a usual general area, e.g. my sunglasses are always somewhere near the door, usually on the shoe bench. Reason? If I didn’t do that, everything would be hopelessly lost all the time. And I find precisely that happening more and more often as I move into my 70’s. Worst is when I’m straightening up and put things away somewhere new. Abandon all hope of ever finding those things!

When I was 23 I was at least that spacy. I’m slightly worse about it now, at 61. I don’t know whether to tell you that you’re lucky you were once less like this or to brag that in my case nobody will ever notice.

Not long ago, I went thought I had misplaced my glasses. I looked for them in the usual places, but they weren’t there. Then I realized where they were–I was wearing them.

We really need a headslap emoji for these senior moments.

I learned to always have specific places to put things in my middle 20’s as well. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. I know that there are at least 20 scissors in this house. I can locate 4 ATM.

After my recent dentist appointment I have prescription toothpaste. Extra fluoride. Damn.

I’ve always been kind of scatterbrained. I’ve taught myself to have a place for things. I also buy multiples of things for this very reason.

Now my house is full I can always blame other people.
I know the real truth, though.

It’s sad, really.

@JaneDoe42, I have the same scissor issue. I think they have a built in ‘hide from beck feature’

lol, I’ve had these moments as long as i lived in fact I’ve been checked for juvenile/early-onset Alzheimers several times … I’m 44 this doesn’t bode well lol

I had that happen once, with a tool I was using, and I simply could not find it anywhere.
Turns out, my dog had picked it up and carried it into his doghouse.

That depressed you? I put things down absentmindedly ALL THE TIME and have a hell of a time finding them. I’m not sure if it’s senility or just lack of brain activity from being retired for a while. One of the marginal benefits of getting older is that my long-distance eyesight has improved (my doctor tells me that this is not unusual as one ages) so I go around for a long time during the day without glasses. When I suddenly need them, like if I’m going to drive, it can sometimes be a real bitch to find them, though I try hard to leave them in predictable places. (I also have emergency spares, but have never had to use them.)

If there’s something that’s been lost for many years (decades now, actually) that answer is that it’s probably in a box down in the basement. That may seem like a simple search, but trust me, it’s more like an archeological dig.

When you teach teen-agers, you realize they’re generally pretty forgetful: textbooks left in their last class or the hallway; homework left at home but Mom’s bringing it; can’t recall assignments unless they write them down, and then they forget they stuck the reminder in their pocket and throw the jeans in the wash. “Senior moment” isn’t a reference to old people so much as to class year.

I think we do get more forgetful as we age, but we’re also more aware of our forgetfulness.

Reminds me of the time I was doing some work on a snow blower in the garage. I had removed two large screws and put them aside. 5 minutes later, they were nowhere to be found. NOWHERE. I finally gave up looking and decided to drive to the hardware store and get some new screws. I backed out of the driveway and started down the street, when I heard two small metal objects fall from the roof of the car.

You say that, but I think the little ones are even more forgetful than teenagers. It’s like their attention spans haven’t developed yet.


When I was young and riding a motorcycle, and typically had 15+ pockets to put things in, I always put my keys and wallet in specific pockets, the same every time, otherwise I had no idea. I think the problem now is that I’m less aware – I just think that somehow I’ll remember.

I keep losing the tv remote in our bedroom. I make a point to keep it in the bedside table.

Some how it winds up hidden in the sheets or blankets. Even worse is when I find it on the floor, several feet from the bed. No it didn’t walk over there. I must have gotten cold and yanked up the blanket during the night. The remote can land almost anywhere in the room.

It’s also been found in the bathroom. I must have used the John during the night. Why did I carry the remote with me?

If that’s a senior moment, I’ve been having senior moments since I was 5 years old.

Oh yeah, how about, “This is boring, where’s my phone?” when you’re READING YOUR PHONE.